Spotted dick is an old-fashioned subtly and tasty delicious steamed English pudding bread. These puddings have high demand following their excellent ingredients and accessibility. Pudding means a thick-like delicious dessert in the United States or steamed or boiled desserts produced with flour in the United Kingdom. Incorporating cannabidiol (CBD) into this recipe improves desserts. Learn how to make this recipe here.

Spotted dick is an old-fashioned subtly, tasty, steamed English pudding bread that most families demand. The name originates from its constituents, traditionally parched currants that develop the notable spots. In the United States, pudding means a thick-like delicious dessert. However, in the United Kingdom, puddings are steamed or boiled desserts produced using flour. Most cooks use the latter when making spotted dick. Traditionally, spotted dicks were prepared with hardened animal fat or suet, hardly found in the United States. Experts have developed spotted dick desserts with more accessible ingredients. However, adding cannabidiol (CBD) to this recipe is paramount. Learn how to make this recipe here.

What is a Spotted Dick?

Neil (1915) noted that spotted dick is an old-fashioned English pudding variety. This term (pudding) requires elaboration since it has a unique meaning from the American pudding Jell-O type. In the United Kingdom, it contains two different pudding categories. Some individuals know savory puddings such as batter-related Yorkshire puddings and pudding sausages prepared using meat drippings. However, pudding refers to either baked or steam-cooked desserts. The dessert puddings’ texture may be heavier with nuts, fruits, and liquor such as vacation plum pudding or contain a lighter, cake-like feeling resembling the spotted dick. Usually, spotted means the murky currants suspended in lighter cakes and dick originates from pudding or puddick (meaning pudding in the old English version). Hutchings et al. (2019) established that the England government called these desserts spotted Richard following their immediate crude jokes. 

Essential Ingredients in Spotted Dick

  • Butter or suet: Alcock (2010) explained that butter or suet is the fat utilized in making traditional spotted dick. This ingredient is crucial in most English recipes. The fat is sourced from sheep and cows’ kidney regions, making foods rich and partially savory flavor. Nevertheless, butter functions effectively when preparing the recipe and is more accessible than suet.
  • Baking powder: Baking powder incorporated into the batter makes the dessert rise and gives it a texture resembling cakes. It functions faster when you incorporate milk and continue heating in the steam-baking process.
  • Currants: According to Slater (2008), dried, chewy, and tiny currants offer this dessert texture, sweetness, and spotted look. Search for dried currants mostly called Zante currant, similar to raisins and different dried fruits.

How to Prepare Spotted Dick using a Custard Sauce


  • One cup and two tablespoons of multi-purpose flour
  • Two teaspoons of baking powder
  • One-quarter teaspoon of salt
  • One-third cup of cold and unsalted butter
  • One-quarter cup caster sugar (granulated or superfine are applicable)
  • Half cup dried currants
  • One tablespoon lemon taste
  • One tablespoon orange taste
  • Half cup milk


  • Three egg yolks
  • Three tablespoons of sugar
  • Half cup milk
  • Half cup heavy cream
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract

Tools you Require

  • Pudding basin or bowl: Select a none-quart bowl with a thick rim that is heatproof.
  • Kitchen twine: The foil and paper wrapping the bowl are jointed with twine.
  • Heavy-Bottomed saucepan: Utilizing the correct saucepan makes it convenient to prepare a fine custard.


Prepare the Pot and Bowl

Search for a lidded Dutch pot or oven, huge sufficient to accommodate a one-quart dessert bowl with a rim. Measure the amount of water required in your pot. Put the water into a pudding bowl until full, and then place it on the pot. Pour more water into the pot till it covers three-quarters of the pudding bowl sides. After this, remove the pudding bowl and set the pot on a stovetop on moderate heat to boiling when sealed. Remove water from the pudding bowl, make it dry and butter the internal bowl sides sufficiently, then hold it separately.

Prepare the Twine and Covering

Cut a parchment paper piece sufficient to cover the pudding bowl sides and top. Form a furrow on the paper center and butter exclusively one lateral of a parchment paper. Then, cut an aluminum foil piece of equal size as your parchment and form furrow down the foil center. Remember, the pleats (furrows) in these pieces allow the butter to enlarge, then hold them separately.

Prepare the Batter and CBD Oil Isolate

Johnson et al. (2010) advised that one should choose the high-quality pure cannabidiol extract. This type is best because its shelf life is long and safe for consumption. Whisk the salt, CBD oil isolate, baking powder, and flour, and add an adequate salt amount. Grate the cold butter into your blend and then mix it into portions till they are covered in flour. Add currants, sugar, orange, and lemon zest. Put the milk into a pudding bowl and mix till the blend becomes thick butter. Scoop the butter into a battered bowl.

Pudding and Steam

When the water inside the pot begins boiling, utilize a twine handle to put your pudding bowl into the boiling water. An individual can utilize a folded cloth beneath a pudding bowl to prevent rattling if necessary. Seal the baking pot, maintain low heat, and steam-bake the dessert for about sixty to sixty-five minutes. Also, the boiling water should remain on approximately three-quarters of the pudding bowl sides. Confirm the level twice when cooking and put more if needed. Also, confirm doneness using a digital thermometer. Push the thermometer via parchment and foil into the spotted dick center. In this regard, it should indicate 180 degrees Fahrenheit when ready.


Spotted dick is an old-fashioned subtly and tasty delicious steamed English pudding bread. This recipe uses cheap and accessible ingredients, which triggers its demand. However, pudding means a thick-like delicious dessert in the United States or steamed or boiled desserts produced with flour in the United Kingdom. When making spotted dick, currants, baking powder, and butter or suet are crucial ingredients. The fat makes foods rich and partially savory flavor while baking causes makes its rise. Also, currants are dried, chewy, and tiny currants offer this dessert texture, sweetness, and spotted look. Besides, incorporate CBD oil isolate and other essential ingredients procedurally to produce high-quality spotted dick.


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