Traditional Treacle Tart is a flaky and buttery pastry crust filled with a gooey and delicious lemon-enriched filling. The recipe is sweetened with light treacle or syrup to improve the taste. Incorporating cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabis cannabinoid compound raises the nutritional value of these traditional desserts. Learn how to prepare a traditional treacle tart recipe using cannabidiol.

The traditional Treacle Tart recipe is the most famous and best British dessert. It is a flaky, buttery pastry crust filled with a gooey and delicious lemon-enriched filling. After this, the dessert is sweetened with light treacle or golden syrup. This British dessert has a simple appearance and ingredients but is incredibly delicious. Home cooks incorporate fresh breadcrumbs into the lemon-sweet filling to achieve the recipe’s signature texture. Some individuals prefer using homemade breadcrumbs and making golden syrup additional when preparing this recipe. Incorporating cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabis cannabinoid compound, improves the nutritional value of these traditional desserts. Learn how to prepare a traditional treacle tart recipe using cannabidiol.

What is CBD Treacle Tart?

Cannabidiol Treacle tart refers to traditional British desserts constituting a chipped shortcrust pastry full of cannabidiol creamy and thick confectionery filling sweetened using treacle. This delicious syrup is mixed with pantry edibles such as CBD heavy cream, lemon juice, eggs, and breadcrumbs to develop a magnificent pudding filling with caramel notes. This rustic delicacy, prevalent in the nineteenth century, is excellent for vacation dessert spreads or teatime snacks. Luthin (2015) explained that cannabis enthusiasts praise treacle tart as their favorite recipe regardless of its lengthy history. Additionally, it provides a method of acquiring your CBD dose while enjoying this sweet delicacy.

How does Cannabidiol Treacle Tart Taste?

The original treacle tart flavor is derived from a syrupy compound called treacle. This sticky and thick ingredient manufactured from slightly processed sugar is available in two strains: golden syrup or light treacle and molasses (richer black and darker treacle). Ray et al. (2016) established that although both treacle varieties have a sugary taste and syrupy texture, darker treacle contains a partially bitter scent, whereas lighter treacle constitutes a more caramelized and buttery flavor. Therefore, the delicious but typically flavorless corn syrup must not be replaced with treacle. Furthermore, the cannabidiol treacle tart recipe requires light treacle that contains a rich and creamy flavor with lemon hints prepared against butter tart shells.


For your Pastry

  • 250 grams of plain flour
  • Half teaspoon of fine salt
  • 140 grams cannabidiol cold cubed and unsalted butter
  • Three tablespoons of icing sugar
  • Two medium egg yolks
  • Two to three tablespoons of cold water

For the Filling

  • 400 grams of golden syrup
  • One finely chopped ball of stem ginger mixed with syrup and fifty grams of cannabidiol syrup
  • One lemon, zested
  • Two medium, lightly beaten eggs
  • 100 grams fine fresh cannabidiol white breadcrumbs


Step 1

Sieve the salt and four into a huge bowl. Incorporate CBD butter and scour them together using the fingers until a fine-breadcrumb feeling is achieved. Alternatively, you can conduct this activity in your food processor. Stir throughout an icing sugar, then abruptly integrate two tablespoons of water and egg yolks, blending promptly using the cutlery knife to mix. Transform them into balls (add one tablespoon of water if necessary), wrap, and wait for approximately thirty minutes. Squash the product into the pound coin thickness and fit twenty-two centimeters grooved tart tin, collecting an overhang. Store this product in the refrigerator for thirty minutes.

Step 2

Heat your oven to gas 6/180C fan/200C. Transfer the baking sheet into your oven to heat the products. Match your pastry case with baking beans and baking parchment. Then, transfer your products into the baking sheet oven and bake for approximately fifteen minutes. Take away the parchment and cook for additional ten minutes or till the pastry turns golden brown. Give it enough time to cool before eliminating the overhanging edges using a serrated knife.

Step 3

Reduce your oven temperature to Gas 4/ 140C fan/ 160C. Mix the cannabidiol golden ginger, eggs, lemon, breadcrumbs, and ginger syrup in the bowl, promptly whisking the mixture until combined. Transfer filling into your pastry case and keep it in the oven base to cook for approximately 35 to 40 minutes or till it becomes ready. Take it out of the oven and cool down for twenty minutes before serving with thick clotted cream or ice cream.

Three Guidelines for Preparing Treacle Tart

  • Home cookers with high skill levels can easily understand this standard dessert. These simple guidelines will assist individuals in getting maximum benefits from treacle tart.
  • Prepare the crust first: Individuals must prepare earlier to have sufficient period to prepare the homemade cannabidiol shortcrust pastry bread. However, people with less time can utilize a store-purchased pastry crust as the recipe base to significantly reduce the preparation period.
  • Make your breadcrumbs: Utilize homemade breadcrumbs instead of the store-purchased variety to achieve premium texture and flavor. Teng (2005) found that toast some new bread or allow them to remain on your counter for one day when making your breadcrumbs. This happens before pulsing them into a food processor or blender till you achieve fine breadcrumbs.
  • Replace the fat: Although this recipe requires cannabidiol butter, attempt exchanging butter (half) with lard to experience extra flaky and rich tart. Furthermore, old-fashioned pie constituents will generate the flakiest crust.

What is Golden Syrup?

According to Simonetta& Eddy (2021), light treacle or golden syrup is a renowned baking component in Ireland. The substance is amber-colored and thick syrup used in corn syrup recipes. Furthermore, light treacle is an inverted sugar syrup formulation produced from the refining sugarcane process. Its consistency resembles that of honey and looks similar.


Traditional treacle tarts are ancient British desserts constituting a chipped shortcrust pastry full of cannabidiol creamy, thick confectionery filling sweetened using treacle. Individuals mix this syrup with pantry edibles such as CBD heavy cream, lemon juice, eggs, and breadcrumbs. It is aimed to develop exceptionally nutritious pudding filling with caramel notes. The cannabidiol incorporated into this recipe improves the nutrition value of these delicious desserts. You can consume your regular dose while taking cannabidiol treacle tart. Interestingly, homemade desserts are prepared easily and yet provide the best experience. Consider the ingredients and procedure above to prepare your delicacy.


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