Truth or Dare? App spices up your sex life

Truth or Dare? App spices up your sex life

If your relationship is taking a bit of a dip and your sex life is more frigid than fun, perhaps it’s time to heat things up with a bit of ‘truth or dare’? Want to ask your partner a series of questions but you’ve never had the opportunity? Desperately want to add a few dares to the darkness of the bedroom, but not sure where to start? Hello, iPhone.

Hot Truth or Dare is an x-rated app for anyone over 17. It has more than 3 million users and has been rigorously tested to deliver a wildly satisfying truth or dare session. According to the website, the app boasts ‘wicked’ truth questions and dares throughout the app, plus a series of dirty jokes and four saucy themes to choose from. You can also choose group mode if you feel like experimenting.

This kind of app is great fun, but should definitely come with a warning label. Playing truth or dare (even the old-fashioned way with your own questionings and a bottle of wine) can lead to untold consequences. You can’t un-hear the answers to your truths, so don’t ask if you’re not prepared to deal with the responses. When you’re talking to someone and you ask questions, you’re in control of what comes next. When an app decides on the questions it asks, it can lead to an unsettling and uncomfortable series of questions you may not want to answer.

Before you start playing a game like this, you should set down the limits with your partner. It’s all fun and well to perform dares in the bedroom, but if the app dares you to strip down and run starkers through your apartment block or the street, it’s time to consider putting a hold on the night’s naughty activities. Make sure that you both agree the limitations of the truths and dares before you begin playing so that you don’t end up in an embarrassing situation later on.

That being said: Hot Truth or Dare is still available for free, and could be a lot of fun if you’re looking to heat things up with a partner you trust. If you’re already in a trusting, honest relationship… what have you got to lose?

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