Are you looking forward to buying from a CBD trademark so that you don’t have to worry about quality and safety? Then don’t look Upstate Elevator CBD is the best place where CBD products are manufactured with great care and love to meet quality and safety simultaneously. Since the trademark was established, it has always been committed to offering the finest natural products void of chemicals that might interfere with products purity levels. Additionally, the company has an extensive line of products in broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and isolate formulations. Consequently, its products are offered in a potency range of 2.5 mg to 300 mg and are vegan-friendly. To attain rapid effectiveness, it blends other useful ingredients researched by a team of scientists to ensure they are naturally occurring and safe for consumption. Before the company opened its doors for operations, it had various legal bodies checking its manufacturing facility and its intended protocols before manufacturing its products. Kindly keep reading our review to learn more about the Upstate Elevator Supply CBD trademark.

About the Company

Upstate Elevator Supply CBD was established in 2017 as legal manufacturers of CBD products within the USA. The brand was first established as a legal farmer of the hemp plant. They have 70 acres of land where they conduct various farming methods such as rotational farming to avoid straining its soil. Consequently, they monitor each step of farming from the seed levels till harvesting to ensure no artificial chemicals such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been used. They have been one of the biggest hemp plant supplies to most companies until 2017 when they got certification for hemp extraction and hemp products manufacturers. Notably, in the 70 acres of land certified by USDA, Pete’s Greens are also shareholders.

Furthermore, since Upstate Elevator opened its doors for operations, it has always operated on transparency levels. Its fight towards offering all-natural top products which are safe for consumption is posted on its website. The company ensures customers witness each step they engage in to give them the best. First, it has outlined its farming activities, extraction method (ethanol), production, and shipment policy. It provides each step with close attention to ensure the products reach the hands of the consumers safely.

Apart from upholding transparency levels, it is committed to keeping track of reputation. Significant measures such as providing a review page for customers to leave their personal experience with the company. Apart from its review page, it also has social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account where customers interact and share personal experiences they have had not only with the company’s products but also with its support team and any other customer relating activities initiated by the company. Although we noticed a significant number of positive reviews, we still had a few negative reviews. Notably, the company responded to them positively and claimed to use them as a way of helping them conduct in-house adjustments to make itself a better place for its customers.

Apart from Upstate Elevator CBD committing itself to offering as much information as possible on its website, they also have an exclusive FAQ page. The page addresses common concerns that keep arising from customers before they try reaching their support team. Additionally, it has addressed concerns about its trademark and CBD in general. Some of the issues discussed about its brand include the shipping and return policy, how they grow hemp, and terms and conditions. Besides, they have addressed CBD issues such as its contribution to human health, why people should go for CBD, and the main CBD raw material. Each of the above concerns has been addressed exclusively to help customers understand better.

If your concern has not been addressed either under the website detailed manufacturing practices or under the FAQ page, you need not worry; all you need is to contact their support team. The company has dedicated a unique page “Contact Us”, to reach its support team, which entails its contact details. On it, you will get its email address, phone number, message box, and physical address. We went further and contacted its support team using their email address to check on their effectiveness. We received their response within 24 hours, and it showed how their support team is not only knowledgeable but competent and accommodating. They explained how extraction occurs and the methods used to ensure only beneficial ingredients are obtained for further processing.

The company has a straightforward buying experience. To guide its customers on which products might be helpful to their needs, they have offered useful product descriptions under each product. Some important product descriptions include its purpose, correct dosage, THC and CBD levels, extraction method, ingredients, and price. However, we could add products to our cart with a lot of ease as well as removing whenever we change our minds. Upon verifying our shopping cart, we proceeded to payment approval as our last step. Upon successfully placing the order, we received an email with the product we purchased, which would arrive within five business days. On the third day, we received our products, well-packed.

Manufacturing process

Upstate Elevator Supply Co. CBD is a legalized manufacturer of CBD products and hemp farmers. The company has been using USDA certified hemp plant, among other ingredients, to develop the finest products within the CBD market. Consequently, its hemp is grown within the USA, Vermont under strict supervision to ensure only organic farming is entertained within the farm. However, the farm has not come out clearly on the primary extraction method used to obtain ingredients from the hemp plant; most of its product description mentions ethanol. However, it has a comprehensive line of products in either isolate, full or broad-spectrum formulation.

For the company to obtain rapid effectiveness in its products, it uses hemp as its primary raw material among other naturally occurring herbs such as MCT oil, a carrier of maximum bioavailability, which allows easy digestion for oral products and absorption topicals. Notably, all its products are gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

After the products have been manufactured, the company ensures all its products are taken for purity and potency tests before being released to the market. Some of the tests carried by the centralized independent third-party lab are the potency level of CBD to ensure they match the ones in the products. Additionally, it must ensure THC levels don’t exceed 0.3%, which is required within CBD. Lastly, it ensures all the products are void of harmful particles that might have penetrated its products during manufacturing.

Range of Products

Currently, the company only manufactures capsules, topicals, gummies, tinctures, pet products and edible coconut oil. Each of them is in a formulation of either isolate, broad, or full-spectrum.

Upstate Elevator Supply CBD Tinctures

Upstate Elevator Supply CBD Tinctures

According to the company’s website, tinctures from the trademark are for either sublingual or oral use only. However, to allow easy absorption, its hemp has been blended with MCT oil, regarded as a bioavailability carrier. Unlike tinctures from other companies, they undergo either of the extraction methods; nano-encapsulated, lipid infused, or cold-pressed ethanol. Notably, they are vegan friendly and could be added to your food or beverage for those who want to avoid the natural test. Lastly, they are sold from $39.99 to $94.99.

Upstate Elevator Supply CBD Capsules

Upstate Elevator Supply CBD Capsules

Capsules have become one of the most convenient ways to administer their daily CBD dosage. You could keep enjoying it as you do your daily activity at the workplace and could be carried along at any point. Notably, the capsules are recommended for oral use only, and the company advises customers to administer only one per day. Additionally, they are vegan-friendly and gluten-free and enhance sleep for poor sleeping patterns. Lastly, they are sold from $9.99 to $99.99 depending on potency and quantity levels.

Upstate Elevator Supply CBD Topicals

Upstate Elevator Supply CBD Topicals

Skin issues have become sensitive to most people whose skin have started ageing or doesn’t keep glowing because of one reason or the other. The brand offers natural topical products, unlike other skin products contaminated with chemicals. Notably, CBD topicals are blended with other ingredients such as L-Theanine, vitamin E and eucalyptus. Lastly, the company recommends the product to be for external use only and are sold from $7.99 to $99.99.

Upstate Elevator Supply CBD Gummies

Upstate Elevator Supply CBD Gummies

Besides capsules, gummies have also become one of the most convenient ways of administering CBD since it’s easy to move around with and could better the experience for customers who take pleasure in chewing. According to tests carried by their independent third-party lab, gummies are non-GMO, gluten-free, and pesticide-free. The company sells them from $5.99 to $69.99, and they recommend one gummy a day. Lastly, they are blended with various ingredients such as real fruit flavours and MCT oil to allow easy absorption.

What we like about the company

Although the company might have shown some weaknesses in a few areas, it still operates on some pillars of strength. First, it has a centralized third-party lab that tests its products. Unlike other companies that have shown weakness to its lab results, Upstate Elevator has maximized on it as a strength and where there is variance, it’s between the acceptable range of 10%. Consequently, all its products are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and organic certified. As we went through customers reviews, most were contented and found the products effective.

What we don’t like about the company

The company has a few weaknesses that need to be worked on to outperform its potential competitors. First, most of its competitors are now offering free shipping despite the amount used to purchase its products, unlike those charged for products bought below $50.00. Consequently, the company doesn’t stick to one extraction method or specify which one is used in either of its products; rather, it claims either of the three. Lastly, if they have to become better than their competitors, they have to offer regular discounts and subscription savings.


Since the CBD market has become more than competitive, we would call upon the company to work on the few weaknesses we outlined to improve it. Also, it should keep working hard to offer more flavours in its products to give customers a line selection when it comes to flavours. However, we highly recommend its products to anyone since they are manufactured with great care to meet high potency levels and safety standards.

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