Urth is among the CBD companies that believe CBD products can offer a natural solution to the well being of the human body. For a long time, people have been consuming products that are contaminated with harmful chemicals, which results in serious diseases such as cancer. To give people hope, Urth has not only decided to offer CBD products that are carefully manufactured to avoid contaminating their products which are processed from organically grown hemp. The brand has taken the responsibility of educating people on the importance of using CBD. Also, Urth carries the fight to social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook; they have proved to be true CBD ambassadors. Although the brand is not widely known due to high levels of competition brought by companies that have been in the play for a long time and those that have been recently established, it has taken the entire burden of CBD and not its trademark alone. To get an insight into the company’s operations, keep reading our review since we have captured significant information concerning Urth and its market performance.

About the Company

Although the company does not offer enough information about itself and its operations, we were able to get some relevant information that would be helpful to our readers. The company has an active website that is their major shop to sell its products for all its customers. This has made it possible for consumers to reach their products despite where they are. Apart from that, the company has active websites where they post various information and engage their customers. Some of the active social media platforms include Facebook, which has over 400 likes and an Instagram page with over 5000 followers.

One can also use their social media platforms to conduct their support team by inboxing them directly under the social media message. Besides, its website has a “connect” page that allows people to reach their customer support team. Before you conduct them, you will be needed to enter some relevant information such as your full names and email,among other important information. However, it is unfortunate that the company neither provides a direct email nor phone number to help people reach their support team quickly.

Consequently, the brand has been able to sustain a good reputation for quite some time. It shares all its third-party lab results entrusted by an independent laboratory within the US to uphold a good reputation. As we were doing a follow up on its market performance, we could see varied reactions on their products (on Reddit),making it difficult to assess or score their market performance. Some people prefer their vape products to their flowers.

Although the brand has not invested in edibles, it still offers a considerable line of products. Its line of product include cartridges, tinctures, Sub-Ohm E-liquid and hemp flower. To make its products more effective, the company blends in other natural ingredients that have been scientifically researched.

Manufacturing process

Although the brand does not also offer more information on how it manufactures its products, we could find some information. Information on the exact place where the company sources its hemp has not been provided. However, the company takes pride in providing the finest cannabidiol concentrates. Despite their commitment to ensuring they offer the best products, it also tries to offer their products at fair prices compared to other companies that offer quality at a higher cost. It aims to ensure all CBD customers can get quality at an affordable price range.

Furthermore, to ensure they obtain quality products, the brand also uses sources of its hemp within the US borders. This makes the hemp get to their manufacturing facility as quick as possible without being affected by harsh weather conditions or any other contaminant that may come on the way. Also, to avoid any contamination of the hemp plant, the brand only takes organically grown hemp that is free of heavy metals, chemical fertilizers, pesticides or any other harmful contaminant.

All their products are manufactured using solvent-free and CPO2 extracts, which is done by rapid heating. The CO2 extraction method has become famous and is considered one of the best extraction methods across CBD brands. Apart from it being effective, it is also environmental friendly which makes more companies go for it.

Finally, before any of their products is released for direct consumption, they undergo third-party testing by an independent lab. The role of the lab is to ensure the amount of THC, as well as CBD on the label, match the one available in the product. Apart from that, it has to ensure that there are no harmful contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides that might interfere with the purity of their products. As we were trying to carry tests on their products, we noted there was no detectable (0.03%) THC level. Additionally, we were able to note the company uses MCT oil and Fillers rather than maintaining hemp oil. Notably, after all the tests have been conducted, the results are posted on Urth official website, where people can verify before buying. For confirmation of the tests, the company provides QR scan codes on each label.

Range of products

As mentioned earlier, the company doesn’t offer a wide range of products, but the products offered have been catered carefully to ensure high quality. Some of its products use several ingredients that are carefully blended with hemp extracts to enhance effectiveness and quality. Notably, their products are divided into two major categories; Cartridge and Flower.

Forbidden flower

Forbidden flower

Although this brand has not gained fame within the CBD market, the company describes it as one of the productswith a dessert-like scent common in the RR family and regarded as an Oregon favourite. Although the product is purposed for relaxation, some people find their minds at peace and active whenever they use it. Besides, the product is offered in 1.5, 3.5 and 7 grams, respectively, each containing not more than 0.3% THC levels.

GSC CBD cartridge

GSC CBD cartridge

Unlike most CBD products, this one has been manufactured uniquely. Everyone who tests it gets the desire to have more due to its sweet taste and earthly aroma, just like its name suggests (Girl Scout Cookies) GSC. The product is carefully crafted to suit its purpose: re-energize the human body after having a long day. To enhance easy absorption, the product is carefully distilled using naturally occurring terpenes; according to the brand’s website, all the cartridges offered by the brand use grade ceramic oils of high quality. To obtain top-shelf CBD products, their products don’t contain any food colour, gimmicks or solvents. The company has been able to confirm that this product THC doesn’t exceed 0.03%.

OG CBD cartridge

OG CBD cartridge

OG cartridge is designed to ease the body after a long day and is often associated with pungent earthly flavour (diesel-like). The product is keenly crafted in 300mg of dynamic  CBD distillate blended with natural terpenes to ease the effect and absorption of their top-shelf distillate (CBD). Also, the third-party lab tests ensure that THC levels don’t exceed the volume of 0.03%.

Awesome Blossom CBD flowers

Awesome Blossom CBD flowers

According to Urth CBD official website, where they offer this product description, Awesome Blossom (parent plants Berry Blossom and T1) is an aromatic and floral strain of hemp plant offering vibrant buds with an extra-ordinary complex palette. To make its consumers desire more, they have blended in cherry with raspberry, available in not more than 0.03% of THC levels.

Pineapple Express CBD cartridge

Pineapple Express CBD cartridge

The company states that the product is hard-hitting with multiple aromas, which make its consumers desire more. Some of the good tests the products exist in include green apple, pine, tropical bud, mango and pineapple. Also, the products occur naturally with no solvents, no food colour, and no gimmicks, which is a plus. Additionally, all these products THC levels do not exceed 0.03% levels.

Apart from the above products we have been able to discuss, they also offer the following: Suver Haze CBD flower (in1.5, 3.5, and 7 grams respectively), Hemp Rolls CBD flowers (in a pack of 1 and 10), CBG flower (in 1.5, 3.5, and 7 grams respectively), lifter CBD flowers which also exists in 1.5, 3.5, and 7 grams, wedding cake in 1 gram, Gorilla glue also in 1 gram and sour diesel with is offered in 1 gram among others.

What We Like About The Company

Among the extended line of CBD companies we have looked at; this brand is unique by offering a comprehensive line of products. Most CBD consumers have a problem with their demands being satisfied by the CBD companies they rely on. To solve this issue and attract more customers, Urth offers the widest line of products, some of which also exist in multiple flavours. In addition, they have also invested in good scents and tests to attract more customers and increase their customer’s desire to consume more of their products. Apart from that, the brand has also been able to come out clearly on third-party tests carried on their products. After the results have been obtained, they are posted on their official website on a different page. To add on, the company also provides QR scan codes on the labels of their products for customers who would wish to confirm the posted and labelled amount of CBD and THC.

What we don’t like about the company

Even though the company has tried its level best to become transparent by posting its lab test results and offering quality products, it doesn’t offer adequate information about itself and its operations. We went through every part of its website, but we couldn’t find information about people behind the company or more helpful information that could enable people to conduct its support team directly. It was also unfortunate when we couldn’t find enough details about where the brand sources its hemp. Although we have come across multiple CBD companies that don’t offer information about themselves, this was extreme; we couldn’t even find when the brand was established.


Although the company performs fairly within the CBD market, it’s high time the company make some serious adjustments that might help it obtain a wider market. More CBD companies are being established day in day out despite the numerous ones that are in existence, and all of them are being established on the basis of transparency. It is also high time that the Urth provides information such as where it sourced its hemp, when it was found and the person behind to take a better position in the market. However, we appreciate its efforts in ensuring it has the largest line of products compared to most brands.

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