Useful Sex-Related Apps for Android Devices

Useful Sex-Related Apps for Android Devices

Advances in mobile and tablet technology have really opened up the market in cheap and useful software applications, and there are many sex-related or adult apps that are worth looking into if you own an Android device. A quick search of the word ‘sex’ in Google’s Play store reveals an odd mix of apps offering illustrated guides to sex positions and apps which enable users to search a database of sex offenders to see if there are any to be cautious of in their area.

Adult apps on Google’s Play store are not limited to guides to creative sex positions and apps for keeping safe from sexual predators. There are also fun apps for couples which can be used for nights of risqué dares and sexy surprises. A virtual game of roulette in which chance dictates the sexual antics of the night might be fun. For those who want simple advice on how to raise their sexual prowess, there are apps offering handy tips.

One of the drawbacks of using apps to enhance your sex life is that your mobile or tablet could run out of power in the middle of proceedings. Yet there are equivalent games for couples which can be purchased in the form of card and board games. It is worthwhile having some of these in your collection, too.

In addition to apps for couples, which teach exotic positions or throw a thrilling element of chance into a sexy night in, there are also apps for the solitary individual (or couple) on the prowl. One of the most famous apps for finding dates (but more likely sex) is ‘Grindr’, which caters exclusively to gay, bi and bi-curious men. If you are unfamiliar, think of ‘Grindr’ as a radar system for men interested in other men. User profiles are arranged according to distance in the application’s home screen, and users may chat privately and may also send private photos.

There is a Grindr equivalent for heterosexual (and bi) men and women, called ‘Blendr’. Some have expressed reservations about this app though, citing its ‘tamer’ feel as one reason it won’t achieve Grindr’s popularity. Whether people who are interested in the same or opposite sex use these apps to the same ends or not, both provide a way for people to find sexual (and possibly romantic) partners whom they would never have otherwise met.

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