USSalvageyards: You can sell your junk cars to us and get paid immediately

USSalvageyards: You can sell your junk cars to us and get paid immediately

Business Name and what it does:

 The name of my business is USSalvageyards. A demolition car yard where already written-off vehicles and those that are generally out of service are taken. To be precise, you can sell your junk cars to my company and get paid immediately and also tow them at no extra cost whether or not they still run.

Founders/owners’ stories and what motivated them to start the business:

  Growing up, I watched my mother’s dreams and ambitions turn into mere wishes. She wanted something in her life, she wanted to be more than just a housewife, she had dreams but she never got the opportunity to fulfill them. She was silenced and she allowed herself to be stereotyped.

 I have never been one to confine myself to stereotypes, in fact, I have always hated doing what everybody does. I live by the “If everyone is doing it, there is something wrong with it” rule.

I hated the fact that my mum didn’t get to live her dreams, I hated the fact that women with great potential have been reduced to nothing because of gender inequality and society standard, I hated the fact that we are told to live a certain way and do certain things just because we are a woman and I hated the fact that we women are consciously and unconsciously giving in to this rules and letting it determine the way they live their lives.

I wanted to show to the world a woman can do whatever she wants to do as long as she puts her mind to it, I wanted to show the world there is nothing like a specific field for women, I wanted to show the world I could thrive in a field predominantly led by men and I wanted to show the world we can attain whatever level of success we want.

 The discrimination against women motivated me to come up with an idea that didn’t confine to gender-set rules or society standards and that was how the whole idea of USSalyageyard was birthed. 

The challenges the business is facing

  As with every other growing industry, My business comes with its own set of challenges, and one of the major challenges I’m facing is the decrease in the number of customers.

For a junkyard to thrive, there have to be people selling their junk cars to us and 

Lately, the number of these people has reduced drastically. It’s almost as if vehicle owners are holding on to their cars forever and not ready to let go.

The present economic condition has to be one of the reasons for this. People are holding onto their cars due to economic uncertainty and some are scared of selling them off as they do not have the money to get a replacement yet!

  Another major challenge I am facing is high competition. There is high competition when it comes to the junkyard business and there are bigger companies than mine out there who have been there for years, made enough sales, and can afford to pay way higher than the amount I have to offer and still make excess gains regardless, with plenty of huge offers to customers

Who wouldn’t like to sell to a junkyard that will pay them very well? People like to go to places where they would have more gains, which means standing out in a very competitive marketplace and giving them reasons why they have to sell their junk cars to me since I cannot afford to pay as much money as other big companies are very challenging.

    Sexism and gender discrimination is another major challenge my business is facing but, of course, it’s very much expected only I didn’t know it was going to be this bad. For a while, now, I have been trying to pitch my business to investors all to no avail. I had an awful experience with one investor a few days back. He was a  potential investor. At the last minute, very close to signing the deal, he asked me“Can I talk with your founder?” I told him he was speaking with the founder. He replied, “I’m sorry for wasting your time, but I will not be able to sign the deal”.I tried asking him for his reasons because I was very sure he was impressed and interested in investing a few minutes ago, but he tried avoiding the question because he was ashamed of admitting the fact that it was because I am a woman. 

I  have lost out on many major deals because of my gender and I have been denied several opportunities and contracts which I am very sure I would have gotten if I was a man but I have gotten used to all of it and I know its a challenge I’m going to be facing for a very long time, so I’m ready.

The opportunities the business is facing:

  Something about having your own business is you never know who you are going to meet and that’s the incredible part. Every day I get to meet new people and sometimes it could be the start of a great business transaction.

 The interesting part of this is that most junk cars are worth many multiples of their scrap value if done correctly and carefully so it’s a great opportunity to make cool cash.

Advice to others about business:

Just do your thing, okay. Do whatever makes you happy and in whatever business you find yourself in, always make sure you are doing it because you genuinely want to do it and not because that’s what society wants you to do.

Do not be scared to embrace change, do not be scared to get out of your comfort zone, and don’t allow yourself to always stay true to yourself and give it your best. It always gets better

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