Vendorme - specialized in delivering Products within Malawi and other countries - Locally made Clothes that are cultural based and Decent Shoes that include a large variety ranging from sneakers as well as Decent Smart Shoes.

Vendorme – specialized in delivering Products within Malawi and other countries – Locally made Clothes that are cultural based and Decent , Shoes that include a large variety ranging from sneakers, as well as Decent Smart Shoes.

If I was to ask you how many e-commerce Shopping platforms are currently running in Malawi, Africa what could be your guess or if you have heard about it how many? Currently Such information cam not be present yet because the e-commerce industry is taking its roots within the country, Trade and ICT therefore have great potential to reduce poverty by improving, among other things, the production and sale of goods. The installation of an inter-country fiber optic cable through Tanzania, Malawi has seen increased broadband penetration, and rapid increase in smart mobile devices, all indications are that e-commerce will improve steadily in years to come.

The Business name is Vendorme, and we are specialized in delivering Products within Malawi and other countries such as Malawian Fashion, that spans from Locally made Clothes that are cultural based and Decent as well, Shoes that include a large variety ranging from sneakers, as well as Decent Smart Shoes. Apart from that our major Focus is also on hand made bracelets that are largely available within Malawi. These Bracelets are Hand made and are unique with proper packaging and Quality. We also provide a space for young upcoming entrepreneurs to help spread their products within Malawi. Our Company wishes to expand its borders to other countries within the world as to make these products reach other countries at ease.

Vendorme was founded By David Matewere  aged 18 a young entrepreneur who is the CEO of this Malawian based shopping platform who is based in the technology and Business Industry. He founded Vendorme Back in 2021 as to be an established e-commerce Shopping Platform within Malawi. Vendorme Has been a link for people within Malawi to get desired products at ease with just the use of their smartphone. What motivated David to found Vendorme was to help Malawian based products reach people at ease as people would struggle to access or find a product just within Malawi, and because of this he founded Vendorme to act as a link between the producers and buyers. Malawi is also one of the few countries that houses a lot of skilled professionals that Don’t get their products seen by the world and this was one major problem as well as these skills were not put to good use. Vendorme came also to get these skills and products to other countries as well within the world, as per statistics 30% of the the worlds raw material come from Africa. But yet these are those that have been identified what about those that are just idol and have aren’t yet out there. So Vendorme came to bring these emerging products out there.

Apart From providing a valuable link between these individuals, what motivated David the founder to develop and start this business was the way Malawi was far way behind in  the e-commerce sector this was and is still a problem within our country as people may spend a lot of money going to places physically to get A shoe or even a cloth , of which they can just order from the well-developed and user Friendly website and spend less. So Vendorme came in place to deal with such kind of problems and help people save money or get more than expected in purchase.

Many Business’s around the world faces challenges that hinder their growth and just to highlight some of the challenges Vendorme is facing One of the most effective challenge is Funding. As an upcoming Shopping Store, thou being well developed Vendorme is lacks appropriate funds to reach its targeted audience. Funds may play a role of advertising costs, Among others. This has become a challenge as Vendorme doesn’t reach the required audience as expected. But if the required funds are available Vendorme Will bloom and all that it was developed for would be accomplished, intern accomplishing Vendome’s Vison will also Help those entrepreneurs that have their products seen by the world, hence also helping them accomplish their dreams. Proper funding will Include paying workers, paying for advertisements in different Malawian and international based advertisings firms.

Another challenge Vendorme is facing is Trust among the Malawian Community. Online Shopping Stores and Platforms like these are not easily trusted within the Malawian community, this is because they have not yet been heard, and this can be dealt with by running adverts and promotion that will boost people’s confidence and make them Trust Vendorme. And This is not a major challenge as it can be eradicated very easily. 

Vendorme alone doesn’t have many challenges but rather a lot of opportunities and the challenges faced by the company and business have been exhausted and now to focus on the opportunities Vendorme faces and encounters, the first being the availability of a well-developed website that coordinates and interacts with the customers itself. Having a well-developed website within has become an opportunity as many customers that come through will interact with the website without having troubles. This intern provides a conducive web experience for people buying from the store.

Another big opportunity Vendorme has is that as the e-commerce sectors begins to make way within the country Vendorme will be on the right path as it is one the best and first Online Stores to provide such services within the country.

Vendorme Also is providing a very good workspace for young and motivated entrepreneurs to express and give out their Products, and not only that Verdorme’s core products will be marketed and distributed across the country and other countries within the world that will also give it way to reach and spread the African Products. Not to forget Vendorme’s emergence to the world will also provide Job opportunities to Malawian Citizens and Other Places it can be established. Example of such jobs include website management, as well as products shipping delivery to mention a few. 

The last opportunity I might highlight about Vendorme is that it has the chance of becoming Malawi’s Best link to air out young entrepreneurs voice to the world. There are Other features that are yet to be released that will also link commercial crop buyers to famers or producers as Malawi is a country that relies much on agriculture and we want to make technology available for both commercial and subsistent famers. This is also a blooming opportunity as we see Vendorme going into. As time and resources get into use Vendorme Can also act as link to link Buyer of commercial produce all around the world. These are the opportunities we see Vendorme having and with the appropriate funds these visons can be achieved.

On the advice I would give as the founder of Vendorme, Vendorme has just started and we see it going to a very Good and valuable market, the same applies to the business you might own have visions and expectations, Mark limits on goals to achieve within a specified time period and work towards achieving those Goals, And most Importantly Never Give up easily, success doesn’t come in a day or neither was Rome built in a day. Obstacles come but move through them as there are just there to teach you on how to handle a similar problem if you happen to come across it somewhere else.

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To summarize the whole article Vendorme is an Online shopping Store established in 2021 By David Matewere in Lilongwe Malawi, which has future plans to expand its outreach to various countries and also expand its Niche to be able to provide Various Links between People of different Race, countries, and fields.

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