VitalFit.Inc - Fitness saved my life

VitalFit.Inc – Fitness saved my life

  Vital Fit is a true believer in Less is More. We understand how busy  life is, and maintaining a fitness routine is

impossible, so we have researched the latest technologies and methods

to help you achieve optimal health in minimum time.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Fitness saved my life …my natural antidepressants as a traumatized

teen .

My first time at a gym with my mother she tried to help me with my

depression. I grew up in Guatemala City and my childhood had it’s

amazing moments but also some  that traumatized me .physical and

sexual abuse as a child gave me many years of anxiety, sleepless night

and living in a self sabotaging mind state . As a kid I always loved

to move , I was the Tom boy playing basketball and soccer with the

boys . Dribbling and playing like the boys! Moving was like therapy

but I was too young to know that it was helping me so much mentally .

Basketball and soccer helped me focus and all I had to think of was

dribbling and kicking that ball … it  helped me feel a small pause

from the regular anxiety brain . 

Once you get older, sports get left

behind  … I was a teenager and started messing around with alcohol

and street pills .It helped me escape the way it felt to be me .I had

low self esteem from the abuse and felt always not as smart as

everyone else… When I came to Canada I had to learn English and I

struggled to make friends and catch up in school . This made me think

I was stupid and not someone anyone wants to be friends with . I

didn’t deal with any of my trauma. I understand now why I suffered

after having eating disorders , over exercising . When I found the gym

I found my new home . I’m about 17 years old here. At first I was

scared I wouldn’t know what to do in the gym . I stepped on a

stepper for the first machine . I saw a personal trainer  and wished I

could be that for my future .   I felt so much better mentally after

the cardio session  … I had the AHA moment, this is life changing!!!

         I loved it. I then joined spin class ,body pump , body

combat ,kickboxing ! It was my new love . Of course I learned a

lesson. I loved it so much I over exercised and learned about over

training . Later on I developed an eating disorder when I joined the

fitness competition world … I felt my life was always on an off and

on diet. It was a good lifestyle always controlling your food in

portions then binging after competitions then a vicious circle . I

learned everything I could on sports nutrition and went to Algonquin

college . I started women’s boot camps when I was 19 years old when I

started sub renting space from other gyms .

         I’m now 34 and I have a very clean lifestyle. The business

is based on less is more . promoting balance and exercise as

preventive health care . I eat 80 % vegetarian with the odd cheat here

and there on weekends . I hold a lean and strong physic naturally with

whole foods …. we promote plant based eating at the studio and carry

plant based meals . To help others change .

Spin instructor for 10 years started the business in Embrun in 2013

Health/Life Coach for 15 years

– The challenges the business/market is facing

Many are going online now and I feel it’s still important to have

human connection and positive exchange of energy . Many programs are

free weights and focused on weight loss … We only train with medx

rehabilitation equipment to focus more on preserving the posture …

while mixing in high intensity cardio ..doing everything science based

only doing what maximizes results in minimal time . less wear and tear

also on joints … we focus on high intensity sprints , super slow

training and all on medical grade equipment . light functional

movements .

– The opportunities the business/market is facing

Chronic pain is a serious issue. 80% of the population have chronic

pain and we are here to help with the most up to date therapy and way

of strengthening the body .

– Advice to others about business

Make sure it comes from your heart … if it’s meant for you, things

will line up in your favour .. I like to call it divine alignment . I

followed my heart and when it seemed impossible a way was made …

never give up !!! You don’t need to know how, you just need to know

what and have faith . faith above all things a divine source that

guides us all to our true calling …

Thank You ,

Andrea Portillo

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