1. Is there one vitamin that contributes the most to eyelash growth, why/how?

I recommend the following;


Biotin is part of B vitamins for healthy keratin. It is good for regrowing hair. It initiates new cell growth, which helps regrow hair and lashes. Deficiency of this vitamin can cause lash fall out and hair loss. You can get it in vegetables, cauliflower, and eggs.

2. What other vitamins contribute to eyelash growth and why/how?

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is helpful for increasing hair follicle growth, which can result in more lashes. Eat foods like mushrooms, fatty fish, and supplements to increase your vitamin D intake.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A deficiency can cause hair breakage and loss. It contains natural oils for moisturizing the hair, which reduces breakage. This can cause more hair growth, including lashes. You can get it from carrots and supplements.

3. Are lash growth serums that contain these vitamins effective when applied to the lashes?

Of course, yes. Most of these serums contain peptides and vitamins that add volume and promote eyelash health.

4. Does collagen help the growth of eyelashes? Why/how?

Yes it does. Collagen improves lash growth because it strengthens each lash, enhancing its quality.

5. Please complete this sentence: The best vitamins for eyelash growth are….B vitamins.

 6. Are there any lash growth vitamins you would recommend on Amazon?

Definitely, yes. I recommend the following;

Eyelash growth serum and eyebrow enhancer

This products contains biotin, collagen, vitamin E, and other valuable nutrients that stimulate lash growth. It is best for reducing follicle aging and improving lash and brow growth. Use it to prevent hair loss and increase volume on your lashes.

Organic vitamin E oil

I love this item from USDA Organics because it contains vitamin E, which quickly gets into the skin to give results. If you have dry skin and hair, the product can hydrate and rejuvenate them, leaving you with strong hair strand free from breaking and fall out.

7. Any additional insights or comments regarding growing lush lashes?

Lashes can grow if you nourish them with the right products. But using ones with chemicals and irritants can harm their growth.

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