Voices of Travel Business

Voices of Travel Business

Voices of Travel is a travel and language business/blog encouraging people to travel and explore the world on their own using customized travel itineraries. The owner, out of her experience, designs these itineraries. It also motivates users to learn foreign languages individually to better connect with people/locals while traveling and to have a better experience.

Nicoletta, the founder and owner of the business, started it out of the desire to share her knowledge and expertise from traveling solo to many countries, learning languages individually, and leading travel groups through Europe. She also wanted to pass her excitement from the road on to others and inspire them to get out of their comfort zone to get to know the world around them.

Nicoletta’s Story & Motivation to Start Her Business

“I always felt there was something more than just waking up in the morning, going to the same school/work, and coming back home looking into my wallet and thinking about what I would do with my life. I wanted to experience the world with everything it offers, beauty, poverty, wealth, and craziness.

At 17, I packed my suitcase for the biggest adventure of my life yet and flew to New Zealand for half a year. That time taught me more than the past years spent at school back home. I learned how to arrange everything for my living in a foreign language, care for myself when no family is around, and deal with cultural shock and loneliness. However, it also showed me how the world was different and beautiful on the other side, the way people live and think about their values and beliefs. I understood that despite differences, we are all the same human beings.

I fell in love with traveling and learning languages. I wanted to dedicate my life to these two things. However, I didn’t know how.

I went abroad to study at the University in Salzburg, Austria and perfected my German. I did an exchange semester in Barcelona, Spain, where I learned Spanish and French.

At 21, I scored the best/dream job ever. I organized a group of American University graduates and guided them through Europe. It was one of the most challenging yet enriching experiences of my life. I did not know where to go as I had never been to those places before; I organized activities on the road to ensure everybody was happy and had the best European times. Doing it alone gave me more courage than anything else before.

I understood that this was what I wanted to do in my life; travel with people, show them beautiful places, make them happy, and encourage them to live their best lives. I also wanted to spread the message of how foreign learning languages gets us closer together and makes the world a better place for all of us.

I started my own business and named it Voices of Travel. I create travel itineraries and road trips for people to explore the world and give them language learning tips to have a better experience while traveling and connecting with people.”

“The name reflects traveling, and the ‘voices’ are the languages and people we hear around when we travel. I believe these two things are the best teachers.”

Voices of Travel & Its Growth

The idea of living as a digital nomad took my heart like many others, and I knew starting a travel blog would get me to where I wanted my business to be. Eventually, I would like to organize my travel tours, take people, show them around their preferred countries for them to immerse into various cultures, and teach them languages while traveling.

I started to share my passion for traveling and languages on my travel blog through stories, articles, and travel itineraries. Blogging helped me to spread my message and gain more followers.

You can get an itinerary on my website and travel according to it on your own. Check out my travel itineraries section and take whichever you like. It will show you the highlights of each country, and you will do many activities and explore the culture.

Then head to the part’ languages for travel‘ and get some language learning tips for your road trips to communicate with locals, order food and drinks, or book your accommodation and activities. It will make your travels way easier and more adventurous. It will also save you from being stressed out on the road.

“Voices of Travel is helping me to be location independent and supports my travels. This way, I can explore more whenever I want to, focus on things that I am truly passionate about, and inspire others.”

Challenges Faced by Voices of Travel

The last two years of my life/business have been difficult. Travel was shut down completely, and I felt like an animal in a cage that couldn’t escape. I questioned the future of Voices of Travel and travel in general. I was unsure if it made sense to create more travel itineraries. I also didn’t know how people would react to post-pandemic travel.

I felt traveling would come back sooner or later. Therefore, I used my time being locked down at home and in quarantine to write more articles and create more travel itineraries for when the world would open up again. I didn’t give up, and it started to pay off these times again.

Opportunities for Voices of Travel

The word ‘keep the distance’ is now stuck in everybody’s mind. I feel that people are more into solo/individual travel. They explore independently rather than spend time in a crowded bus surrounded by thousands of people. This is one of the most significant opportunities for Voices of Travel.

As I promote individual travel and road-tripping, clients can get inspired by my travel itineraries and see the places on their own. They don’t have to plan; I design everything for them and give them all the necessary information. What’s left is for them to pack and hit the road.

Another opportunity I see is our globalized world, which needs more people who speak various languages. Therefore, I’ve developed a language learning method that encourages users to learn more foreign languages in fun and engagement. This can help people to learn languages for travel and be more competitive in their work life.

Travel & Learn Languages with Voices of Travel

Check out Voices of Travel and pick your favorite travel itinerary to explore new countries with everything they offer.

“Get out of your comfort zone, rent that car in a foreign country, learn a few words of the language, and connect with locals. It will make you a better person and enrich your life like nothing before.”

Check out my article ‘How to learn a language for travel in 7 basic steps if you want to learn a new language. I have designed this method out of my own experience learning languages.

I have also designed a language travel notebook, where you can note all words you want to learn while traveling. It will guide you to learn your chosen foreign language for travel.

Head to my language resources and choose your favorite language-learning method. You will find great podcasts, language apps, books, magazines, and more.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Start today if you are thinking about starting your business. Don’t think about what can go wrong or that you haven’t perfected your business plan/idea. You have to start, and it will guide you.

“Opportunities will always come to you. You will meet other entrepreneurs, and it will shape your business.”

Do not be afraid, and never give up. It takes many sleepless nights, working outside your full-time job, saving up, and sacrificing your social life. But be sure it will all pay off eventually.

Don’t be too strict with yourself. Sometimes you feel like doing nothing, or it doesn’t make sense. That’s normal and fine. Leave it for a few days and do something else you like. It will give you the strength to continue.

Thanks for reading about my story and the story of Voices of Travel. I encourage you to live your life fully, not be stuck at home. The idea of going somewhere might be inside you; believe that you are strong and dare to go and explore.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a travel itinerary. I will be happy to design one for you. Reach out to me if you want advice. I can take you on an adventure that will take you to see more.

“Don’t let others keep you from what you want to do. Never stop following your dreams.”

Links to use:

Travel itineraries –  https://voicesoftravel.com/travel-itineraries/

Languages for travel –   https://voicesoftravel.com/languages-for-travel/

How to learn a language for travel in 7 basic steps –   https://voicesoftravel.com/learn-language-for-travel-7-steps/

language travel notebook –  https://voicesoftravel.com/language-notebook/

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