WAVES2CURE: Making Waves with Remote Bioresonance

WAVES2CURE: Making Waves with Remote Bioresonance

WAVES2CURE provides holistic healing and therapy services from a distance using a bioresonance machine to emit scalar waves. Based in Pune, India, it was founded in 2017 for the improvement of spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. 

The unique nature of this business positions it as a complementary and alternative healthcare service provider, offering bioresonance services remotely for non-clinical and non-medical treatments. With clients around the globe in over 69 countries, WAVES2CURE provides the highest number of on-demand remote bioresonance healing therapies in the world, all under one roof with the common goal to improve the health and wellness for both humans and animals.

At the helm, Nimesh Topiwala has led this uniquely holistic business to high acclaim with prestigious awards. In India, The National Healthcare Excellence Awards of 2022 named WAVES2CURE the ‘Most Promising Bioresonance Healing Services Company of the Year.’ Additionally, the National Technology Excellence Awards of 2022 awarded it the ‘Best Emerging Environmental Company of the Year’ while the Health, Beauty, and Wellness Awards of 2022 by LUXLife, a UK-based magazine, named WAVES2CURE ‘Bioresonance Brand of the Year – APAC.’

Nimesh Topiwala: The Man Behind the Success of WAVES2CURE

While WAVES2CURE is owned by Hansa Topiwala, the mother of Nimesh, it is Nimesh himself who has led this holistic treatment business to success. His contribution was creating over 150 bioresonance applications for health, wellness, agriculture, and the environment.

Nimesh graduated from North Carolina State University in Raleigh after studying computer science. After living and working in the U.S. for over 10 years, he decided to return home to India where he worked as a software engineer. 

“I never thought I would do anything other than software engineering,” he explained. 

However, Nimesh started studying and researching scalar waves for improving air quality. At that point, it became his focus, leading him to register a provisional patent. The patent was for a “System and Method for Reducing and Eliminating Air Pollution from a Geographical Area.” He followed that up by filing all claims with Intellectual Property India in March of 2019.

“Initially, I started offering my healing services on an eCommerce marketplace called Fiverr. When I saw that people from more than three dozen countries benefited from my bioresonance healing services, I decided to quit my job in June of 2019 because I found this far more rewarding,” Nimesh said. 

With his full attention completely devoted to WAVES2CURE, he had the opportunity to develop several more bioresonance programs. Now with over 7 years of experience as a bioresonance therapist, Nimesh is registered with the All India Council of Alternative Medical Science & Research (AICASMR). “Overall, people in more than 69 different countries have benefitted from the bioresonance programs that I have developed,” he stated.

Remote bioresonance therapy through scalar waves is a fascinating treatment, one that can be done from anywhere in the world. Nikola Tesla first presented these scalar waves. They pass through the earth without losing any amount of strength which is what WAVES2CURE’s bioresonance technology uses. A special machine generates the waves at different frequencies to heal people, animals, and the planet. While it is an award-winning method for holistic therapy, it does have a few hurdles to overcome to show the world the benefits it can bring.

Challenges Ahead for WAVES2CURE

There are other complementary and alternative holistic methods out there that have been around for some time. Most people know of Ayurveda, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, oriental medicine, and yoga as they’ve been used for centuries. One of the biggest challenges for WAVES2CURE is that very few people are aware of bioresonance and how it can help.

Additionally, a number of people believe that in order to have better health, they must take something for it. Whether it is medicine, herbs, nutritional supplements, or some other natural remedy, people have long been conditioned to physically take something to cure what ails them. 

“What most people don’t realize is that you can use bioresonance to heal the root cause of their health issues without any side effects,” explained Nimesh.

Receiving these scalar waves from a distance allows you to cure colds, runny noses, the flu, kidney stones, dental disorders, knee pain, infection, lactose intolerance, dermatological disorders, insomnia, mental/emotional disorders, and more without consuming or using any physical substances. It seems mysterious, but it has shown a positive outcome for people over the last five years. 

“We have over 96% in positive reviews and have a very high percentage of repeat orders for those that come back for other treatments to benefit their health,” Topiwala stated.

Although WAVES2CURE has made excellent progress in developing bioresonance technology and applying it in agriculture, there are further challenges to overcome. As this technology can be applied to restore soil fertility and crop vitality, the biggest challenge is that it is a small organization hoping to benefit the larger farming community.

“While we have developed this technology to induce rain in 7 days and eliminate smog and air pollution through the same avenues, we have yet to find a way to bring these benefits to the lands where people are affected the most by these factors,” Nimesh detailed.

There are many countries that are facing problems with wildfires, and it is hoped that bioresonance technology could be employed to cause rainmaking through quantum cloud seeding. This has the potential to induce rain in a mere 7 days and diffuse the spread of wildfires. 

Challenges Ahead for Complementary and Alternative Treatments Industry

Above all, holistic and alternative healing methods of all forms must fight back against the barrage of misinformation that swirls around. Because these methods are not part of the mainstream, there is very little information readily available about them. Often it is observed that some pharmaceutical companies also run campaigns to discredit other natural methods in an attempt to maintain a competitive edge.

Additionally, there are some countries and government entities favor the mainstream pharmaceutical industry, putting complementary and alternative treatments (CATs) at competitive disadvantage. 

“That won’t get me down, as in a progressive country like India, we have favorable government policies towards holistic healthcare methods. Additionally, there are encouraging Indian judicial rulings for these natural treatment methods,” Topiwala stated.  WAVES2CURE is determined to make remote bioresonance therapy more acceptable as a complementary and alternative treatment (CAT) in some markets.

This means that WAVES2CURE is in an incredibly unique position, one that would allow it to provide holistic healthcare across the entire world without pushing pills, supplements, surgeries, or other treatments. Bioresonance treatments are done through the broadcast of scalar waves. These waves can be sent to people anywhere they are in the world to present a whole-body style of healing. 

Looking to the Future with WAVES2CURE

Perhaps the most exciting news is that WAVES2CURE is sitting right on the verge of a historic breakthrough opportunity to show the world how beneficial this technology can be. Bioresonance is not just a technology to help improve the health of people and animals; it has the potential to improve the health of the entire planet. 

“We can reverse climate change by deploying this technology. We can use it for air pollution and to eliminate smog. We can reverse drought, control extreme heat waves, and even restore soil fertility,” Nimesh enthused.

Through his published research paper from 2020, “Result of Air Pollution and Smog Reduction using Scalar Waves: A Case Study of Asian Mega Cities” in the International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology (IJASEAT), Nimesh demonstrates how this technology could be the key to reducing air pollution by 85% or more, something he has done for three cities so far including Delhi.  People were sharing the dramatic results of air pollution reduction following the Delhi air pollution reduction experiment in 2019. According to one Indian journalist from CNN News 18, the dramatic reduction was over 85% of PM 2.5 in a mere 12 hours. Nimesh stresses, “Most people assumed that the dramatic reduction was due to the Delhi government’s odd-even formula restricting vehicles on the road by half. However, such a reduction in air pollution in just 12 hours was not observed even during the covid19 lockdown!”

“We can induce rain and precipitation within 7 days at any place on the earth and we can reverse drought anywhere within 4 to 6 months,” he supplied with confidence. Nimesh also points out that bioresonance rainmaking technology is based on quantum entanglement. This means that no aircraft is required to spray chemicals into the clouds or anywhere. 

“What amazes most people when I tell them about bioresonance technology is that it doesn’t require any rain cloud to create successful rainmaking. At WAVES2CURE, we have successfully tested this technology, also for reducing heat waves by 4 to 8 degrees Celsius within a 7-day span for a massive geographic area,” he explained. 

Topiwala’s Advice to Others About Business

There are other ways to achieve holistic results for the best health for all human beings, animals, and everything on the planet earth. These fascinating healing methods stand to bring improvements across the globe to help replenish areas in need of rain, clear away pollution, and heal all living things.

“I have found that when I explain bioresonance through scalar waves, people are amazed that this is possible. Extraordinary problems such as climate change require an out of the box way of thinking to resolve them permanently. Bioresonance for the environment could be the next big thing the world needs,” Nimesh added.

In short, when it comes to growing a business, we have seen so many innovations in our time. Things we thought couldn’t be done are now in the making. This certainly paves the way for bioresonance to treat the entire world to better health, weather, and growth potential in the years to come. 

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