We Are EZ-PZ Shopping

We Are EZ-PZ Shopping

More than a business deserving of our name, EZ-PZ Shopping is taking your online shopping experience into the future. Let us tell you what we are all about.

EZ-PZ Shopping is an online gaming & recreation store. Partnered with GLD Products, our priority is to supply our customers with affordable and luxury gaming/recreation equipment to make their free time more fun! Time is the ultimate currency, so why not make the most of it?!

Photos are home and commercial installations provided by customers

We feature everything from gaming tables, darts, and table tennis to casino games, tabletop games, accessories, equipment, and more. We add new products to our online catalog and find ways to make time more enjoyable for the sake of our customers.

We keep our customers in check with fun sales and promotions different from online stores. We love to run a  famous “Make an Offer” Promotion, which allows visitors to order any product in the online store using an integrated chatbot. We look for opportunities to surprise and excite our customers with great deals while consistently providing quality customer service. We aim to make your shopping experience EZ-PZ

Stay alert! You never know when these offers might end!

In the name of fun and taking life by the lemons, we bring shop online into the future!

Web3 and digital ownership offer an opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to take advantage of a blooming market unrecognized by most CEOs and business owners, especially in gaming/recreation. Technology in Web3 will cultivate loyal communities, which can be leveraged to enhance brand loyalty and organic marketing while cutting KPI metrics such as customer acquisition costs (CAC) and retention costs.

Our expansion into the unexplored waters of Web3 gaming and e-commerce has begun with our release of EZ-PZ Blue. EZ-PZ Blue will be our Web3 HUB to separate our “normal” online and Web3 aspects; therefore, customers may experience a normal “Web2” shopping experience if desired.

Visitors to EZ-PZ Blue can participate in our first implementation of Web3 technology. Visitors can register and begin trading virtual company stocks via our BlueWorld Marketplace integration by visiting the EZ-PZ Blue tab on our website. This form of trading is gamified (fake and for fun), but traders can use the digital currencies earned from trading throughout the BlueWorld Marketplace. They will exchange them for other ERC tokens (forms of cryptocurrency).

This is just the beginning. We are developing a full expansion into Web3, which will include: accepting cryptocurrency payments for products in our online store, releasing our Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), digital items, a Web3 marketplace, multiplayer Web3 (p&e) mobile-gaming app, and more. All are integrated with our online store and gaming catalog. Owning digital assets from EZ-PZ Blue will offer the holder many different rewards and benefits within the online store and ecosystem.

We invite you to visit our website, specifically our EZ-PZ Blue page, for a complete synopsis of what we are doing in Web3. Here is a sneak peek.

Have you ever played Game Pigeon or 8-Ball Pool on your mobile phone? We plan on releasing 3D-rendered digital collections of different types of gaming tables, the first being pool tables. These tables will correlate with what we sell in-store, be unique in traits of felt color/design, frame style, and background, and rank in rarities from low to medium to high-stakes tables.

What will collectors of these digital pool tables use them for? Buyers of these digital tables will own them completely. They can play on their unique table in our play & earn (p&e) mobile app (multiplayer) that will be released to accompany our digital tables and assets. Our digital gaming collections will be housed on the same mobile app, offering a seamless transition between games. The rarity of your table (low to high-stakes) will directly impact your p&e experience. Imagine playing 8-Ball Pool on a digital asset you own and can resell or exchange for something equivalent in our online store!

We could go on forever, but we want to ensure to leave an incentive for readers to visit us. You can learn more about all we do and what we are planning at https://shopezpz.com/

Meet the Founders

Irving twins – Nate on the left – Patrick on the right

We are a pair of twin brothers from Lexington, Kentucky, born and raised. Nate and Patrick Irving. We grew up like most other boys, loving all types of gaming. Be video games, billiard games, casino games, backyard games, or sports, everything caught our interest and became our passion. It’s out of convenience that we grew up lobbying what we sell in our online store and are, therefore, self-taught experts in distinguishing quality from inadequacy. We know the better products from the worse and refuse to offer our customers anything but the best.

We developed skills essential to the manifestation of EZ-PZ Shopping. Patrick, a graphic designer for a company dealing with many fortune-500 companies and popular media outlets, was born to create our website’s beautiful graphics and design.

I researched and implemented business tactics and ideas even when I was young. You should have seen some of my lemonade stands; I had 3 locations in our neighborhood while managing over 9 neighborhood-kid employees. I was passionate about networking with brands, suppliers, and manufacturers to implement what became EZ-PZ Shopping.

While each of us was a University student and forced to survive on meals of Ramen and Hamburger Helper, we picked up a piece of knowledge and passion for investing. While the obvious amusement of the regular stock market intrigued us, we started focusing primarily on studying cryptocurrency. This opened the door to NFTs. The idea of technology, gaming, and investing all wrapped up into one convenient package drew us into the culture of crypto and NFTs, a mix of everything we grew up passionate about. Not to mention all of the wonderful advantages cryptocurrency and sovereign funds offer.

Thus, came the idea of EZ-PZ Shopping. Combining everything we loved and learned, EZ-PZ Shopping is the outcome of our passions, skills, expertise, and foresight. Motivated by nothing but boredom and a good idea, we are a brother business with two goals: making customers happy and having as much fun as possible.

Challenges We Face

There are many challenges facing any e-commerce store. Other e-commerce stores are a big challenge. There is the megalithic and monopolistic online shopping giant known as Amazon. These were challenges we knew of going in. It is popular for merchants to sell directly on Amazon by contracting with them. We did not want to do that. We wanted to own and operate a brand to be in control. We think the direction we’re going will foster a following, even if small compared to our Amazon rivals.

Being a somewhat new company (est. 2021), we also face the challenge of proving ourselves and our website’s credibility with the Google algorithm police. Our search engine optimization (SEO) diagnostics are not consistently ranking as high as we would like, but this is a priority we are working on.

The biggest hurdle we are currently facing is the supply chain issues. Our manufacturers have trouble keeping their inventory stocked; therefore, we have the same issue. We have had to place many items on backorder, and lead times on some products have only increased. Inflation has also affected our manufacturers, who have had to compensate by raising prices on the supplier’s end, which decreases our margins. We would rather take on the brunt of the price gauge than pass it on to our customers.

We are hoping this supply chain crisis finds a solution soon. This affects every e-commerce brand (except maybe Amazon), not just us. Therefore we are not the only ones to brainstorm new ways to keep revenue alive. We are confident we will persevere.

Opportunities We Face

We have many things to be excited about and things working in our favor. The gaming & recreation industry is competitive, but not many competitive catalogs claim to be household names. We plan to include every renowned luxury gaming brand in our catalog so that, with our Web3 expansion, we will be the online HUB for the game room connoisseur. Fat Cat, Viper, CaseMaster, and Mainstreet Classics are some brands we have with Brunswick, Hathaway, and Spencer Marston. We are looking to partner with these brands.

Product images by GLD Products

The crypto and NFT market is at an all-time low for the year. Readers might think this paragraph may belong in the “Challenges We Face” section, but we disagree. We challenge that premise because we are building out a  Web3 expansion, and it is common knowledge in the space that building in a bear market is always an advantage. This gives us time to plan and monitor the market to see how best to release for optimum results. These low stock prices can’t hurt your dollar cost average!

The gaming industry and the eCommerce industry (despite the recent supply issues) are both growing markets; therefore, combining the two while adopting a new and blooming market, the crypto/NFT industry, is a massive opportunity for a new company to shine.

Advice to Others

Consistency is key. It builds discipline, and success is hard without either of those traits. My goal is to accomplish something every day. I always carry a list of goals with me for personal and business goals. I try to progress toward completing or finishing a goal each day. Even if it’s for five minutes, checking on your business daily will give you a deeper understanding of your strengths and shortcomings.

Metrics are key. However, if you are not following and tracking your KPI metrics and website analytics, you will most likely miss out on a substantial amount of useful information. The information gathered by tracking these metrics is useful in all aspects of your business, from marketing to product selection. It is important to find an efficient way to track and compile these metrics in weekly to monthly reports so that you can understand where your revenue and other key metrics are coming from, as well as where your expenditure is going and if it is providing a good return on investment (ROI).

Do what you love and are passionate about. It is hard to be consistent and disciplined on a subject you find boring or dreadful. It’s not worth forcing it; find something you love and brainstorm a way to make a living.

We appreciate the reader taking the time to learn about us and our business. We hope you will come and visit our website soon, even if it’s just to say hello! We are always here for your gaming and recreation needs and will always strive to make your online shopping experience EZ-PZ.

Ieva Kubiliute is a psychologist and a sex and relationships advisor and a freelance writer. She's also a consultant to several health and wellness brands. While Ieva specialises in covering wellness topics ranging from fitness and nutrition, to mental wellbeing, sex and relationships and health conditions, she has written across a diverse range of lifestyle topics, including beauty and travel. Career highlights so far include: luxury spa-hopping in Spain and joining an £18k-a-year London gym. Someone’s got to do it! When she’s not typing away at her desk—or interviewing experts and case studies, Ieva winds down with yoga, a good movie and great skincare (affordable of course, there’s little she doesn’t know about budget beauty). Things that bring her endless joy: digital detoxes, oat milk lattes and long country walks (and sometimes jogs).

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