While weight loss can be fruitful, some find it challenging to keep up with the journey. Finding ways to motivate yourself is the best way to approach the quest.

Everyone has different reasons for losing weight. In the beginning, the motivation is usually high but might keep lowering as time advances. This makes it hard for one to remain persistent and achieve the desired goals. Still, others find that the best way to keep up is by learning to look at and focus on the inside and outside of you, including the numerous weight loss benefits. Such advantages include having improved blood sugar andcholesterol levels, lowering your risk of contracting chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes, keeping fit and healthy, and having high self-esteem. This article focuses on the various ways to stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey. Keep reading to learn more.

i.                    Choose an attainable goal and visualize it.

You always know why you want to lose weight. Set the goals, write them down, and place them where you can see them every day. You are likely to achieve your goals more easily than when you don’t write them down.  

ii.                 Have realistic expectations

One can only reduce one to two poundsa weekwhen applying healthy and normal tips. Therefore, you cannot expect to cut off ten pounds in a week. If you set unattainable goals, you might end up getting discouraged in the process and quit. Besides, you mightget stressed, impacting your psychological state negatively. Therefore, learn to set your eyes on the journey but not the destination, and be sure to enjoy every step of it. For example, if you want to lose 70 pounds, you should not focus on attaining the goal but on daily achievements, which will motivate youthroughout the journey.

iii.               Make a weight loss plan that fits in your daily life activities

We have not onlydifferent reasons for losing weight but also various responsibilities. Therefore, a person’s plan may not work for you, so you need to havea plan that fits your schedule. There are things you should include in your daily plan. For example:

  • Have a food journal to write your calories intake. This will help you reduce and track your calorie intake. 
  • You will need to cut off some foods 
  • Reduce your sugar intake since it can interfere with your plan
  • Avoid all the fried foods
  • Add lots of fruits and vegetables to your menu
  • Lastly, use smaller plates and with smaller portions

iv.               Have an accountable partner

Partners inspire us to achieve our goals, and if they believe that you can achieve your goal, they motivateus. You can have one from home or hire a trainer or a dietitian. When they motivate you, achieving goals becomes easier. In addition, you can find a weight loss partner to work out togetherwithand encourage you to keep on. This should be a close friend to ensure enoughsocial support.

v.                  Reward yourself always

 When you complete a certain milestone, reward yourself since this will help you remain motivated. For instance, cheer yourself up or post pictures of your progress on social media. Besides, you can buy yourself a treat or visit the spa. However, keep the rewards so asnot to interfere with your journey.

vi.                Focus on changing your mind and body

Having a physical transformation is wonderful but having a mind transformation is greater. Compare your new photos with the old ones, and you will feel discouraged with just an imagination of you going back to where you came from. However, with a positive mindset, you will strive to maintain the current weight and diet healthily if you have food discipline. Therefore, focus on transforming your mindset, not just your body only.

vii.             Remind yourself that you are striving for a new lifestyle, not just weight loss

You might find yourself eating foods that you hate to lose weight during the journey, which should not be the case. Rather, adjust and start eating healthily to help you maintain your desired body weight as you enjoy the process. Make a list of foods that you are to avoid and what you will take. Moreover, the internet can help you find alternatives to the foods that you will be eating. Keep revisiting the list more often to be motivated.

viii.          Love and appreciate your body

Several studies have shown that people who hate their bodies are likely to find it hard to lose weight. Contrastingly, if you like your body, it will be easier for you to adjust,look for suitable foods for your body, and sustain your desired body weight. Therefore, focus on building your body image for you to feel motivated.There are several ways of doing this, including:

  • Go for body massage and manicure
  • Stop comparing yourself with other people or models
  • Say positive things about yourself, and while looking at the mirror, be your number one cheerleader.
  • Eliminate all the negative people surrounding you.
  • Start doing exercises.

ix.                Have a favorite exercise and accompany it with music

To ensure maximum weightloss, dophysical exercises thatyou enjoy the most. Research the various options that might be possible and fun for you, and work to make them your favorite. Moreover, establish whether you enjoy doing your workouts indoors or outdoors, and do them at least four times a week. Incorporating music into your exercise sessions makes them more interesting and fun since the music will keep you more motivated.

x.                  Look for a dog 

Dogs are highly active when it comes to physical involvement. Moreover, when you take them for a walk, you will be engaging in some physical exercises. They are also good as workout partners, thus providing you with social support. Further, having a pet will improve your general health by lowering your cholesterol levels, depression, and feelings of loneliness. 


We all have various reasons for losing weight, and writing them down could encourage one to keep going. For long-term weight loss, rewarding yourself and being flexible, persistent, patient, and not fearing to askfor help will prove fruitful. Moreover, having a good support system and tools makes the workouts more rewarding.


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