What are Anal Beads and How Do They Work?

What are Anal Beads and How Do They Work?

Anal Beads

Have you experienced what anal beads can do for you? Many sensual people, male and female, find that using anal beads at the moment of climax creates a unique and incredibly strong sensation that greatly enhances orgasm. If you’re curious about anal beads, you can find many different styles available online at adult store websites. Here are some facts you may want to know before purchasing your own anal beads.

What are Anal Beads and How Do They Work?

Anal beads are small spheres made of silicone or plastic, that were traditionally joined with string or cord. The toy resembles a string of pearls, and has a ring or handle at one end. Most modern versions are made from a single piece of molded silicone, making the beads easier to sterilize after use. Often the beads are graduated in size, with smaller beads at the end and larger ones near the handle. This toy is a good introduction to anal play for beginners, and can be a precursor to anal sex.

Anal beads are inserted carefully into the anus, one by one. (It’s recommended that water-based lube be used liberally during anal play, since the tissues in this area are delicate.) At the moment of climax, the user or a partner pulls the beads out, greatly enhancing sensation in the area.

Anal beads trigger responses from the sensitive nerve endings in the anus and cause intense arousal. After insertion, the beads move independently inside the rectum; that movement erotically massages the male prostate gland, and intensifies female sensation.

Some users are actually able to climax during the insertion of beads or from the movement alone; others are more likely to orgasm from simultaneous anal and genital stimulation.

Purchasing Anal Beads

Here are some guidelines for purchasing anal beads:

Buy silicone beads. Silicone is less porous than other materials, and therefore easier to clean.

Make sure the beads have a good handle or ring. A well-designed handle makes the device easier to grasp. Never purchase anal beads that don’t have a ring or handle.

Make sure the beads are smooth. Some beads are textured or have a rough seam. Smooth beads are will not tear the anal lining. If one or two beads have a noticeable seam, use an emery board to file the seams down.

Buy an “all-in-one” anal toy. Sex toys that are shaped like a string of beads, but are actually constructed like a dildo are safer than beads that are joined with a string or cord. Toys such as Bendy Beads, Flexi Felix, or Tantrus Ripple can be easily sterilized and pose no danger due to a broken or frayed cord.

A variety of anal bead toys is available from online stores including beads in different sizes and textures, vibrating anal beads, and more. Be sure to wash your beads before using, and sterilize them after use. Use plenty of lube, and if you’re concerned about cleanliness, put a condom on your beads before inserting. Insert them gently, and never pull them out roughly or too quickly.

With a bit of experimentation, you’ll soon discover why anal beads are so popular!

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