Daddy Issues

What Are Daddy Issues?

Daddy issues refer to finding it difficult to form and maintain positive relationships in your adulthood. Also known as attachment issues or attachment wounds, daddy issues are common in people who grew up without father figures or had poor relationships with them.

Signs of Daddy Issues

Fear Of Being Alone

People with attachment issues fear being single. This explains why most of them bounce from one relationship to another, looking for a fulfilling connection that heightens their self-esteem.

Increased Attraction to Older Men

If you live were raised without a father or had a complicated relationship with them, you are more likely to be attracted to older men to get the love and protection you never experienced in your childhood. Since the father figure you crave never saw you growing, your “father to child” relationship is more likely to have an imbalance of power. Other signs of daddy issues include being jealous or overprotective, caring more about sex, and feeling insure in a romantic relationship.

How to Overcome Daddy Issues

As a psychologist, I strongly suggest checking with a registered therapist or counselor. These experts can provide tips that may treat your daddy issues completely.

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