What Are Lipo Hydroxy Acids

What Are Lipo Hydroxy Acids?

Lipo Hydroxy Acids (LHAs) are salicylic-derived skincare ingredients that boast exfoliating and rejuvenating properties. Salicylic acid is a popular form of Beta Hydroxy acid (BHA), one of the main types of Hydroxy Acids (HAs). Since HAs is an umbrella term, the main candidates include alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids, polyhydroxy acids, and bionic acids.

How Do Lipo Hydroxy Acids Differ from Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids?

Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids are the main types of HAs. Lipo Hydroxy Acids are derived from salicylic acid, the hugely popular form of BHA.

What Is the Role of Lipp hydroxy Acids in Skincare Products?

 Skin products with Lipo hydroxy acids are believed to harbor exfoliating and rejuvenating properties. Some people believe they can also help with acne. However, further clinical studies are needed to get the doubts to bed.

What skin type is best suited to lipo hydroxy acid?

Lipo Hydroxy Acid can work for all skin types, thanks largely to its pH of 5.5.

Are There Any Side Effects to Using Liphydroxy Acids?

Lipo Hydroxy Acids have side effects when taken orally. These side effects include diarrhea and nausea, and discomfort in the stomach.

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