What Are Some Withdrawal Symptoms One May Experience When Stopping Drinking

What Are Some Withdrawal Symptoms One May Experience When Stopping Drinking?

After six hours of staying sober, a person can experience vomiting, headache, nausea, insomnia, anxiety and shaking hands. Hallucinations kick in after 12-24 hours of staying without booze. After 48-72 hours of staying without alcohol, one may experience fever, confusion, racing heart and high blood pressure.

How Long Will These Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

4-5 days

Is There Any Way to Minimize These Symptoms When You Quit Drinking?

You can minimize these symptoms by eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, taking fluids high in electrolytes, exercising regularly, meditating, focusing on your hobbies and taking a walk.

What Happens to Your Body Day by Day When You Stop Drinking?

First Week

Your sleep patterns improve

Alcohol can reduce the cycles of your rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, disrupting your sleep patterns.

Second week

You are less likely to experience acid reflux

We all know alcohol is a diuretic. Due to this, it can make your body lose a lot of fluids, triggering acid reflux.

Third Week

Your Blood pressure stabilizes

Drinking alcohol increases the release of adrenaline, which can cause unhealthy blood pressure levels.

Fourth Week

Your liver starts functioning as it should

Alcohol increases scar tissue and reduces healthy cells in the liver. This affects your liver’s functionality and can eventually lead to liver failure.

Your skin health improves

Staying sober prevents dark circles, flushing and dry skin.

How Staying Sobber Affects Your Weight

 Staying sober is one of the best ways to keep your calorie consumption in check. As a result, you are more likely to lose or maintain weight.

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