– What muscles do you work through deadlifts?

Deadlifts is a compound workout, mainly working the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

 – Do deadlifts burn more a good deal of calories? Why or why not?

Definitely, yes. It engages several major muscles at ago, which simultaneously causes more energy use, thus increasing calories burning. The workout also increases muscle building, which increases metabolism for more burning, even at rest.

– Do deadlifts build good grip strength? Why might that be important?

Of course, yes. Deadlifting offers significant grip strength, which is linked to healthy aging. Such training is great to help an exerciser gain quality life with functional independence.

– Can deadlifts help improve performance in other exercises or sports? If yes, how?

Yes. Deadlifts significantly improve lower body power, which help elevate other activities requiring maximum strength like jumping or sprinting.

 – How important is it to follow proper form when performing deadlifts? Any form tips?

Deadlifting with proper form protect you from back injuries both at the gym and in real life situations. The exercise teaches your body how to handle weights properly; at the gym and away. Tips for proper form include;

  • Stand with legs hi-width apart.
  • Hinge from the waist and push your butt away from the knees, as you bend to pick the barbell.
  • On bending, ensure to arc in the back and keep the chest out.
  • Engage your core and push the weight through your feet to come up.

 – What weight should beginners start with?

It depends. But I usually recommend something one can comfortably lift for 10-15 reps, maintaining proper technique.

– How often should anyone (beginners and advanced) deadlift?

Beginners; 1-3 times every week

Advanced; 5-6 times every week

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