What Does Vulnerability Look Like in A Relationship

What Does Vulnerability Look Like in A Relationship?

Vulnerability in the relationship refers to revealing the authentic version of yourself. It is giving your partner the key to the door masking your weaknesses, challenges, thoughts, and feelings.

What Are the Benefits of Vulnerability?

Attracts True Love

Letting out your challenges, weaknesses, feelings, and thoughts makes a person or your partner truly love you. If you mask your inner parts, you may feel you are not the right person for your partner.

Attracts Genuine Support and Comfort

Let’s face it; you may not get the support and comfort you mask your inner parts. With genuine support and comfort comes strong intimacy, encouraging a happy and healthy relationship.

Enhances Trust

Opening up to your partner makes them genuinely accept you. As a result, you trust them for accepting you when you felt defenseless.

What Are Some Tips for Being Vulnerable in A Relationship with A Partner?

  • Understand what is killing your desire to open up to your partner
  • Practice how to express your emotions verbally
  • Start small to kill what is shielding you from opening-up
  • Continue practicing the skill of being vulnerable and stay honest with what you are going through
  • Learn from people struggling with vulnerability
  • Check out with a professional

What Are Some Tips for Encouraging Your Partner to Be Vulnerable?

  • Show them their secrets are safe with you
  • Be responsible if you do something that hurts your partner
  • Let them know your inner parts first
  • Show your partner you care for them
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