Hair loss, or alopecia, can be extremely frustrating. This condition can have devastating consequences as it hits one’s esteem, self-confidence, and eventually mental health. And it can get worse when sufferers of hair loss get attuned to the fact that the condition has no cure yet. Luckily, there seems to be an alternative therapy that could help deal with hair loss: CBD Oil.

CBD oil contains nourishing ingredients, anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving properties that have been identified as a possible solution for hair loss. CBD oil has fatty acids, vitamins, 21 amino acids, and antioxidants that help strengthen hair and hair follicles and even moisturize the scalp to promote hair growth. Let’s take an in-depth examination of the effects CBD can have on hair loss or growth.

Understanding Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Hair loss refers to the loss of hair from the head and other parts of the body. However, this condition particularly manifests itself on the head. This condition affects both men and women, with men being at higher risk of hair loss. Statistically, over 80% of men experience alopecia at some point in their lives.

Causes and Symptoms of Hair Loss

When you comb your hair and see few hair strands attached to your comb, there should be no need for alarm because, on average, one can lose around 100 strands of hair daily. That is because hair grows daily. Hair loss, however, represents something more than 100 strands. And there are signs to look out for to establish whether or not you have hair loss. Among them:

  • Rapid loss of hair strands.
  • A rapidly receding hairline.
  • Thinning on top of your head (different from balding).
  • Loss of body hair.

Hair Loss is Linked to the following Causes.

  • Hormonal changes during menopause or pregnancy.
  • Genetic predisposition can make some people more susceptible to alopecia.
  • Scalp infections create bald patches on the head.
  • Medications used to treat depression, heart disease, and cancer can lead to hair loss.
  • Hair conditioning and treatment mechanisms involving excessive tightening or pulling of hair can result in hair loss.

The Difference Between Ordinary Hair Loss and Alopecia

Hair loss is often linked to genetics, and it occurs due to hormonal changes that shrink the hair follicles. This condition develops gradually and leads to thinning of hair on the head. Alopecia, on the other hand, is hair loss induced by factors such as medications and infections. Experts say it is an auto-immune condition that often leads to bald patches and spots on the head.

Is CBD Oil Effective for Hair Loss and Alopecia?

CBD Oil for Hair Loss

Studies indicate that CBD oil promotes hair growth when applied directly. CBD promotes blood circulation in the hair follicles. When applied directly, it delivers nutrients such as fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins to the source where hair growth and health are stimulated. CBD oil is rich in omega 6 and 3 fatty acids that are known to promote hair growth. Meaning, using CBD oil on the scalp will alleviate hair loss and increase the hair density.

CBD Oil for Alopecia

Alopecia is linked to medical conditions resulting from auto-immune diseases. And most auto-immune disorders have common underlying factors: stress and anxiety, which also play a part in hair loss. Luckily, CBD oil has been proved to reduce stress and anxiety; CBD receptors are present in the brain and central nervous system as part of the broad network of the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Furthermore, CBD oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties. And since alopecia is linked to an inflamed immune system, it goes without saying that CBD can help suffers from alopecia by inhibiting hair loss.

CBD Oil: How to Use CBD for Hair Loss

 As mentioned earlier, CBD oil for hair loss is best applied directly on the scalp to take effect, but it can also be ingested depending on the root cause of your hair loss. Therefore, if you opt to use CBD oil or CBD-derived hair products to alleviate hair loss, identify the causes first and foremost. However, when using CBD-derived hair conditioners to combat hair loss, it would be best to directly apply it to be absorbed through the scalp into the system.

CBD oil has been proven to reduce inflammation in the immune system, which is the root cause of alopecia. Regarding ordinary hair loss, CBD moisturizes the scalp and nourishes it with antioxidants and fatty acids to prevent hair loss.

Effects of CBD Oil on Hair growth and Scalp

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin that maintains the structural integrity of hair strands. CBD oil is rich in vitamins A, E, omega 3, and 6 fatty acids and antioxidants that fortify keratin – the protein responsible for hair growth. And while maintaining the structural integrity of hair, CBD-derived conditioners can make the hair shinier, smooth, moisturized and enhanced in course texture. Among others, CBD oil affects the hair and scalp in the following ways:

CBD reduces inflammation

An inflamed scalp can lead to hair loss and also hinder hair growth. But CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can eliminate inflammation around the hair follicles. By doing so, CBD creates a healthy surrounding that promotes hair growth.

CBD Oil Promotes Blood Circulation

CBD is rich in gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), which is known to stimulate hair growth. GLA boosts blood circulation in the hair follicles and the scalp, enabling the follicles to absorb all the necessary nutrients to catalyze hair growth.

CBD Suppresses Stress and Promotes Sleep CBD, when ingested, boosts the concentration of cortisol hormone that inhibits stress-induced hair loss. CBD promotes sleep, which goes a long way to help stress patients. Stress and anxiety have been linked to ordinary hair loss, but CBD can reduce stress and anxiety, the root causes of ordinary hair loss. Besides, regular use of CBD can induce sleep, which can help one cut back on stress and enjoy boosted hair growth.

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