What Is a Common Relationship Money Issue That Can Lead to Complications in The Relationship

What Is a Common Relationship Money Issue That Can Lead to Complications in The Relationship?

One common relationship-killing money issue is the power play. This occurs when there is a salary mismatch (one partner earning more than the other), one partner has a well-paid job, one spouse comes from a rich family, or both partners are willing to work, but one is pinned down by unemployment. The issues start when the partner with more money wants to make all the spending decisions.

How Do You Recommend Tackling This Problem Together?

As a relationship coach, I strongly advise that the partner with more money should let the lower-earning partner make the spending decisions.

What Might Happen If You Don’t Tackle This Problem?

If the higher-earning partner does not give up power, there might be no peace in the relationship.

Anything Else Couples Should Know About Joining Their Financial Lives/And How to Keep the Relationship (And the Money!) Healthy And Happy?

Before joining your financial lives, have an open and honest dialogue about your financial future. Once you are on the same page, choose a financial strategy. There are tons of financial strategies out there. These include splitting expenses based on income, living on a partner’s paycheck (they handle all the bills), and creating a joint account and sharing expenses. Because joining financial lives can be a tough task to manage, consider checking with a financial adviser or planner for professional help.

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