What is CBD vape juice? What are the advantages of CBD vape juice? What are the types of CBD vape juice, and what are the five benefits of using CBD vape juice? The article helps you understand the world of CBD vape juice by providing information on the above queries. 

Vaping CBD is different from smoking marijuana. It is a simple act of inhaling CBD vapor produced by heating vape juice enclosed in a cartridge of a vape device such as a disposable pen or pod. It is a fantastic method of dosing cannabidiol. It allows you to harness the power of CBD with a delicious flavor by masking the unpleasant smell and taste associated with cannabis oils. It is the fastest method to diffuse CBD and its effects into your bloodstream since you immediately feel calming effects in less than 2 minutes of intake. CBD vape juice is a non-intoxicating compound with health benefits such as reducing body pains, inflammation, anxiety, and stress without mind-altering effects associated with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


Cannabidiol is a healthy, active chemical compound extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. CBD compounds are diluted upon extraction using organic carrier oils such as hemp seed oil to form highly concentrated CBD oil. The oil can make products such as cream, lotion, gummies, baked foods, vape oils, etc.

CBD vape juice, also referred to as CBD vape oil, is liquid infused with CBD and used in e-cigarettes. They are flavored with citrus acid, sweets, or pleasant flavorings to help you enjoy CBD with a preferred smell. Using refillable or disposable devices, the machines vaporize CBD vape juices and inhale them into your mouth and lungs.


Tran et al. (2020) revealed that CBD vape oil is an excellent product for inhaling your daily doses of CBD by offering advantages that other infused products can’t; they include;

  • Discretion- CBD e-liquids gadgets such as vape pens are easy and convenient to carry around. They are small–sized and can fit in your pocket, hand, or purse. Additionally, the CBD vapor from vape juices dissipates quickly, leaving no traces of smoke like smoking cigarettes or tobacco. So you can take it anywhere without worry.
  • Speed- nobody wants to stay hours after consuming their supplement to feel the effects. Fortunately, vaping CBD juices are the fastest way to harness cannabinoid power. It bypasses digestion and metabolic process incorporating CBD directly into the bloodstream via the lung; within 2 minutes, you will feel its effect.
  • Bioavailability- one of the main advantages of inhaling CBD vape juice is increased bioavailability. It means that more CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream per milligram taken. The liquid contains concentrated cannabidiol compared to most products such as CBD edibles, gummies, CBD topicals, and tinctures.


Companies that manufacture CBD juice use different extraction methods resulting in three other types of CBD vape oil; each class includes:

  • CBD isolate – contains 99.9& of pure CBD compounds and is primarily derived from the hemp plant, which has a high potency of CBD. The plant is subjected to available extraction techniques to remove all cannabinoids isolating CBD molecules during extraction.
  • Whole plant CBD vape juice- is also known as full-spectrum CBD vape oil. It contains a range of hemp elements such as flavonoids, terpenes, CBN, hemp oil, and traces of THC. It is helpful for the patient to be comfortable with the highness caused by THC. Oleinik & Gleb (2021) stated that full-spectrum vape juice provides your body with entourage effects associated with other cannabinoids hence best suited in harvesting the entire plant’s benefits.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD e-liquid- lies in the middle of the other two types. It contains CBD molecules as the primary cannabinoid and traces other minor cannabinoids existing in the hemp plant expect THC contents. It allows you to enjoy the power of other cannabinoids without the risk of getting high with THC.



Inflammation occurs when your immune system senses any threat inducing intracellular activities. However, sometimes the immune can cause an excessive inflammatory response resulting in damaged body cells and tissues. Sunda et al. (2020) noted that when you inhale CBD vape juice, cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps to maintain body balance by tackling pain, inflammation, and other imbalances. CBD increases the release of anandamide (body cannabinoid) that binds with cannabinoid receptors to block the signaling of electrical impulses to the immune system, reducing inflammatory responses.


When you take some painkillers, it may cause undesirable side effects in the long run. Using them can develop tolerance and addiction, rendering you drug dependent. Vaping CBD juice improves these discomforts by interacting with alpha 3 glycine receptors, which help regulate pain without harmful side effects. Additionally, CBD, with the help of CB1 receptors, blocks the signaling of pain terminals in the nervous system, making you feel relaxed and calm.


The body uses stagnant energy for tissue repair and cell production when sleeping. So you may sleep having body pains in the morning, you are better CBD vape juice not only deals with causes of sleep disorders such as chronic pain and anxiety but vaping CBD 20 minutes before going to bed can make you fall asleep quickly. It relaxes your muscles, joints, and brain making you feel relaxed and calm. During the day, it ensures you are energetic, focused, alert, and fresh, stabilizing your sleeping pattern.

Healing Properties

CBD vape juice contains omega 3 and 6 organic nutrients. The nutrients are essential in aiding body tissue healing by increasing the production of new cells to replace dead cells. Moreover, full-spectrum CBD vape oil contains organic oils such as hemp seed oil that are rich in amino acids and vitamins, heightening the healing properties of cannabidiol.


Sales et al. (2018) explained that when vaping CBD juice, the cannabinoid interacts with brain neurons by increasing the release of 2-AG body cannabinoid that binds with CB1 receptors in the brain to increase the production of the hormone serotonin. The hormone reduces the accumulation of traumatic thoughts by changing how your mind perceives negative emotions such as anxiousness and stress. Vaping CBD juice also lowers the concentration of cytokines in the bloodstream. Hormone cytokines are primarily associated with body stress and anxiety.


CBD e-liquids are growing in popularity in almost all United States and internationally. You can find them in your local vaping stores and dispensaries; you can make an online order. To avoid side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth, drowsiness, or diarrhea, always consult your doctor for information about optimal dosage and your health history. All in all, CBD vape juices are a convenient way to incorporate CBD into the bloodstream by simply heating and inhaling the vapor into your lungs.


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