What Is Relationship Anarchy

What Is Relationship Anarchy?

Relationship anarchy is a philosophy describing the refusal of societal “rules” and expectations of how a relationship should look like. After rejecting rational hierarchies, you and your partner decide on the rules and expectations that resonate with you.

What is Consensual Non-Monogamy?

Consensual non-monogamy (CNM) is when partners agree to engage in romantic or sexual relationships with other people. Since it’s an umbrella term, consensual non-monogamy covers everything from swinging to polyamory.

What Are Some of the Societal “Rules” That A Relationship Anarchist Might Choose to Defy?

Society sees romantic relationships have a unique value, encouraging people to make them monogamous. A relationship anarchist can defy this, advocating for things like platonic intimacy.

Can You Give Some Examples of What Relationship Anarchy Might Look Like?

  • Expressing your emotions freely
  • Creating an open communication channel
  • Practicing empathy

What’s The Difference Between Relationship Anarchy and Polyamory?

Although most people use relationship anarchy and polyamory interchangeably, the two are different creatures. The former is a philosophy, while the latter is a relationship structure.

How Can You Tell If Relationship Anarchy Is Right for You?

You can tell if the relationship anarchy is right for you if its manifesto sounds great. This means you are ready to engage in romantic relationships and get the aspects of control, ownership, and power that have long surrounded these relationships off the table.

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