What Is Relationship Anxiety

What Is Relationship Anxiety + How Can You Cope with It?

Relationship anxiety is when a person feels unsure in a relationship. It can create feelings of doubt, mistrust and insecurity. A person can experience relationship anxiety in a romantic and platonic relationship. There are 3 main signs of relationship anxiety. These are self-silencing, seeking excessive reassurance from their partner and partner accommodation. 

If a person suffers with high levels of relationship anxiety it can cause problems within the relationship and left unchecked can even cause the relationship to end. There are a number of ways you can cope with relationship anxiety but if it’s really bad then I’d highly recommend seeking professional help. One of the main problems with relationship anxiety is that doctors and medical professionals do not have a set method for treating relationship anxiety as it can present itself in different ways for different people. Any treatment ideally needs to be tailored to the individual involved.

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