What Is the Triceratops Sex Position

What Is the Triceratops Sex Position?

The Triceratops sex position is great for anyone who enjoys being dominated by their partner as this position firmly puts the penetrating partner in control.  The position can be achieved either standing or on your knees.

 To do it standing you and your partner need to both face the same way. The partner that is going to be penetrated then bends over parallel to the ground so their partner can enter them from behind. The penetrating partner then holds onto their partners wrist or arms to aid thrusting. In this position the thrusting will be quite hard and deep.

 To perform the Triceratops on your knees you simply repeat all of the steps above but with both of you kneeling down.

Variations include the partner that is being penetrated leaning all the way down to the floor with their hands flat on the floor.Alternatively, you can do the Leapfrog which involves starting out in the kneeling down Triceratops position but the partner that is being penetrated needs to squat down with their feet on the floor rather than kneeling.

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