What Is Toxic Femininity
WASHINGTON, DC- JAN 21- Groups gather for the Women's March on Washington on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 in Washington, D.C. (For the Washington Post: Amanda Voisard)

What Is Toxic Femininity?

After toxic masculinity, we have female masculinity. The former encourages males to be aggressive, sexually dominant, intimidating, and violent, while the latter pushes women to adopt “womanhood”. This means staying submissive and quiet to please males. Toxic femininity also refers to using traditionally feminine qualities to bring others down. Toxic females can lie, mock or offer wrong advise to sabotage others for personal gain.

What Is the Impact It Has on The Employee Experience, The Culture, And an Individual’s Mental Health?

Toxic femininity creates an unaccommodating working environment, leaving the employee with mental health issues. When the working environment is toxic, employees are more likely to quit the job. It is this unceremonious leaving that ruins the employee experience. For culture, toxic femininity can cause unequal pay, restrictive gender roles, and little or no female representation in leadership positions.

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