What It Really Means If a Man Won't Go Down on You

What It Really Means If a Man Won’t Go Down on You

Your sex life is great. He’s passionate, likes variety, shows you lots of affection and overall it’s awesome. You have good fun together and it’s seems to be going well. But there is one thing that he never seems to want to do and that is go down on you.

Sure he expects you do give him blow jobs and has no problem with asking, telling, or just maneuvering you right where he wants you do. But when it comes to getting some reciprocal attention he doesn’t seem to think or act like it’s very important.

This could be for a variety of reasons. So first of all, talking about it is the best way to start. Just a casual question, so how come you never seem to want to go down on me, can usually give you the straight up answer for what you are trying to find out.

But asking that question sometimes just doesn’t seem as easy as it should. Many of us women are still dealing with that inherent repeating tape in our heads that we don’t deserve exactly what we want and we still find it really hard to ask for things no matter what.

So what else can you do? Well first of all, hygiene is super important and some guys are hung up on that and don’t like to give head for the simple reason that it wasn’t a very pleasant experience for them – even if that was because of a previous partner. So make sure you always take extra care to keep clean and smell yummy.

Then the next time you are in the middle of a good romp and he starts to signal that he wants a bj, just do the opposite and steer his head down or even just turn around yourself and give him no choice when you’re smothering his face with your pussy.

He would pretty remise if he just said no and pushed you away. Chances are he will be so surprised that he will give you exactly what you want and enjoy it to. It might just be the case of mistaken identity; that his last partner didn’t like oral so he made the wrong assumption that you didn’t either.

Then wouldn’t that make you feel silly that you didn’t just make the bold move ages ago?

So hopefully if talking about it doesn’t work, then by just making it more than obvious it’s what you want, that he will go for it and you’ll be a happy camper ever more! And if neither of those tactics work then you might have to suggest therapy or start looking around for another partner that will be into you as much as you are into him – and sometimes that is really the only option.

Regardless of which way it goes for you – good luck in getting exactly what you need. You deserve it.

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