What Not to Say to Someone Who Has a Mastectomy

“What is Your New Breast or Bra Size?”

While some people choose to reconstruct after mastectomy, others choose to live as “flat.” For this reason, asking your loved one or colleague about their breast or bra size means you are questioning their choices. As a result, they may feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

“Your Womanhood is Gone”

Womanhood is strongly tied to courage, strength, and bravery, not breasts. For this reason, this statement can make your loved one or college feel they have lost a crucial part of their identity, which is not the case.

“That was Unnecessary”

Mastectomy is often considered a necessary way to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Although some women choose this approach even without a cancer diagnosis, you don’t need to make them feel they didn’t deserve it at the moment or have made a wrong move about their health.

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