What Wattage Should One Be Vaping CBD At?

What Wattage Should One Be Vaping CBD At?

Every vape has a tank coil, which is the primary heating element. The coil uses electricity to vaporize e-liquid. This article explains the right wattage an individual needs to vaporize the e-liquid.

Wattage and Flavor

E-liquids come in different flavors, from raspberry to tobacco. Different flavors require different amounts of wattage to be vaped. Fruity flavors such as strawberry and peach taste better with less heat, thus less wattage. Menthol flavors require lower wattage to ensure individuals get the cooling effect.

Wattage and Throat Hit

If an individual is not concerned with the intensity of the throat hit, they should consider vaping at a lower wattage.

Understand your Device

Understanding how to vape devices work is so essential to vapers. Beginners are advised to use a device to adjust the wattage settings according to preference. Coil resistance differs from one device to another and can range from 0.1 to 3.0 ohms. Higher ohms give the user room to experience higher wattage and vice versa, and the user has to choose the correct wattage. 

Adjust To Taste Method

Adjusting to the taste method means beginning with a lower wattage and gradually increasing it at an interval of 10 watts. It is done by testing the vapor of the vaping wax or oil you are using. After several puffs, individuals can judge by trying different wattages and how they affect the amount of power and flavor in their vapes. Upon reaching the desired taste, stop increasing or reducing the wattage.

Get the Right Vape Oil Kits to vape CBD.

Using the right vape kits can depend on the right wattage, although it is about volts rather than wattages. Stay away from sub-ohms tanks during vape purchase as they require a lot more wattage to vape CBD. An individual can use a coil head with a higher ohm over sub-ohm, thus making a pod system the best device to use while vaping. CBD vaporizes at around 160-180 degrees Celsius. The aim is to run your device at a power level that vaporizes the CBD oil instead of burning it.

Vaping Full Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is contained within a hemp plant. It contains THC, CBN, CBG natural fatty acids, and many other compounds. Lachenmeier et al. (2019) explained that CBD products must contain 0.03 % or less under national guidelines. Users will require high wattage to vaporize because of the composition of full-spectrum CBD. Vaping is done for enjoyment and other beneficial aspects as per an individual’s want.

Get the best CBD Vape pen Juice.

Selecting the best CBD vape pen juice is very important when vaping CBD. Individuals can choose between full spectrum or CBD isolate. Homemade vape pen juice may have some traces of nicotine, unlike the lab-prepared ones thus, and individuals can end up with a healthier vape juice than the one produced on the market. The amount of heat around the vape juice should be considered when vaping as the quality can be affected if exposed to extreme wattage and heat. Homemade vape pen juice contains the right wattage since you will adjust everything to suit you.


When determining the right wattage for an individual to vape, several factors are considered. They include the vape device, the flavors, and the mode, whether e-liquid or oils. An ideal wattage depends on the device you are using and the kind of effect you want to experience as the user. Consider the battery life too. Determining the right wattage is not easy but essential for vaping. With all the consideration factors, a better vaping experience can be achieved by individuals.


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