What You Need to Be a Good Lover

What You Need to Be a Good Lover

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How to be a good lover? There is no sacred formula that results in the perfect relationship of bodies in bed, but with some recommendations and a little understanding, sexual life can be fabulous and you as a lover can be incomparable.

When someone asks: “How to be a good lover” The first thing to do is know that sexual satisfaction is not in the amount of intercourse but the quality of each and understand that sexual vision differs between men and women.

Men for their part, have ambitious carnal sexual development and women achieve sexual pleasure it is more slow and emotional.

A good lover is always interested in their partner’s sexual enjoyment

To get an excellent rating on sex, it is important to know basics of human sexual physiology. The man could have sex every day and enjoy the most of his intercourses if they want, while in women this is difficult because she has a menstrual cycle, which causes hormonal changes that will undergo changes in their levels of eroticism and sexual desire.

For a man to know, that during the post ovulation period the woman will not have sexual intentions, can be very useful to avoid awkward moments and even unpleasant at the insistence of copulation when she has no intentions.

Knowing about these details, it is important to show care and understanding for his partner, and this is a typical characteristic of how a good lover would behave.

Communication and attention to the details

When it comes to being a perfect lover, the communications are of vital essence.

Whoever wants to be recognized for his skills as a lover should try to establish and develop communication with the other person.

The conversation in bed is as important as sex itself. Conversation helps to know the tastes, desires, and sexual fantasies. Furthermore, to talking helps you to
know how she feels and this helps to show interest and will make her more grateful than if you go directly to penetration.

To improve the condition of a lover, the person is required to achieve permeation to the other through words and also includes details of ongoing care and attention.

We all love to feel loved and pampered. And the more the couple gives us that sense, the greater the chemistry in the relationship and sex becomes more enjoyable, and the relationship will be strengthened, as in a vicious circle.
Women deliver sex for love and the man gives love to get sex

A good lover is integral

People wonder how a good lover? And in their own responses only occur to them that it depends on the technique, penis size or whether the body is attractive or not.

These people are very far from reality. A lover of quality is shown with details of major importance.

Although, knowing and practicing sexual techniques properly helps to achieve the ecstasy, the ideal lover is best known for demonstrating knowledge and mastery in other areas.

For example, a person who cares to make a seductive environment, that you wait for your partner with a lovely surprise, to globalize the whole evening and not just sex, is well on its way to becoming a good lover.

For that to be, a good lover requires thinking in everything from the start of the night, when in bed, and even in the moments after sex.

A good lover to worry about preparing an exciting way to sex, which is loaded with details and samples of attention, interest and affection that prompts the body and mind to indulge in lovemaking.

Do not rush sex. Each step must be savored. Remember that good lover comes with a sensitive and appropriate approach. The event is not simply a penetration.

Even experts recommend that you should start preparing the ground one day before the sexual encounter. Thus, the person can begin to approach subtly making your partner feel sexy and desired.

A good lover has nothing to do with beauty, age or origin

Important fact: The ideal penetration time is between 6 and 10 minutes to allow the woman to achieve orgasm. Unfortunately, most men can handle approximately three minutes.

Characteristics of a good lover

Who does not want to be considered a good lover?

Sex is present in the lives of most adults and being this a very important and necessary aspect, why not strive to do well?

We have listed a number of features that are present in those who are good lovers. Pay attention to each and hurry to implement them if you lack of one:

1. How to be a good lover? This question requires putting all the senses to work during sex, not just the sexual organs to respond.

2. Nice words to say to please the couple. A good lover does not focus solely on the physical part of the relationship, but also includes in the act, compensation for the emotional part.

3. The lover is not selfish in bed. He seeks to satisfy both his partner and himself, without giving importance to time.

4. Communication, care and good manners are classics in every good lover.

5. The perfect lover seeks a balance between the emotional and sexual contact quality.

6. The ideal lover cares about reading and researching on new ways to surprise on the bed, the monotony leads to uninspiring sex.
An intelligent lover listens and implements.

7. Always try to make that your sexual techniques are likable to the taste and perfect them to fit you and your partner so you enjoy intense feelings with her.

8. Being a memorable lover involves traversing the entire body of the other person entering different areas of pleasure, always looking for those that respond to petting slyly and provoke a more shocking experience.

9. Every lover gently separates time to make love. Does not let anything stop him, no rushes, no troubles and during sex is devoted entirely to do a good job.

10. Consideration always accompanies a good lover. To be good in bed is essential to understand that the person who accompanies him has their own tastes and needs and not always what excites him also excite the other person. If you cannot assign a space for whoever is with you to also enjoy, then you’re definitely not good.

11. Know how to seize the moment and get the most benefit. It is important that fans know to distinguish the different situations and how to act on them as appropriate. A really good lover, knows that there are times when you can unleash the excitement and there are others where calm and patience will suit better.

12. Security and trust are in the pocket of the great lovers. Nervousness can spoil everything.
Body language is a sensual gesture in every extraordinary lover

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