Patterned frames: cheerful personality

Brightly colored and patterned glasses are mainly preferred by women and sometimes, older people. The latter may have them to have the return of their youthful feeling. The glasses may be the type for cheerful people that understand life is not too serious.

Fake glasses: boost confidence

During my career, I had a patient that asked for glasses, not because she had an eye problem, but wanted to look more beautiful and smarter. Most people wear fake glasses for reasons similar to why they put on shoes, earrings, or purses. Their personality is bothered by how others see them. Others may be fashionistas and mainly want a perfect look.

Colorful frames: High creativity

People that choose colorful frames for their vision are the creative types. They are specific and understand what they want. Both introverts and extroverts recognize these glass frames. Those who pick bright ad bold types are likely to be outgoing. Neutral individuals that opt for the bright color maybe looking for a change. Conversely, shy people choosing bright frames may be after being seen.

Charlotte Cremers
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