PQQ supplements are important compounds that’ll have a positive impact on your health. You can use it to boost your energy, memory, enhance focus, and generally optimize your brain’s health condition.

PQQ is continuing to build its name in the health field. While technology increases, lifestyle changes as our health gets more affected negatively each day. Poor diet, lack of physical activity, increased stress levels, and many factors affect our mental health. With PQQ’s strong abilities, you can improve your brain health and reduce symptoms that accompany poor mental health. So, what makes PQQ supplements important, and what’s interesting about them?

How PQQ works?

Pyrroloquinoline quinone(PQQ), also called methoxatin or pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt, is a powerful vitamin. It’s present in fruits and vegetables, and it’s made by bacteria. PQQ bacteria help digest sugar, leading to energy production. Plants and animals don’t utilize PQQ the same way as bacteria, but it’s the growth effect that leads to the developmentof plants and animals.

Where are PQQ supplements found?

  • Human breast milk
  • Products from fermented soybeans such as natto
  • Green soybeans
  • Spinach
  • Rape blossom
  • Green peppers, kiwi, and parsley
  • Teas from Camellia Sinensis such as green tea

Why do you need PQQ

Improves and maintainsproper brain’s function

One of the outstanding benefits of PQQ is its protection against oxidative damage, and neural tissue benefits a lot from this ability. Taking PQQ will assist in healing the brain’s damage and even help it function beyond its normal capacity. So, if you want tohave a well-performing brain include PQQ supplements in your diet.

Improves sleep and mood

If you have sleeping difficulties, you can eliminate restlessness at night by using PQQ. It’ll assist you to sleep better and for longer hours. More so, if your mood is down most of the time, this supplement will help you boost it and maintain positive vibes throughout the day. Therefore, it’s right to claimPQQ helps to improve productiveness. If your sleep quality is improved and your mood boosted, you’ll be in high spirits to do anything during the day and achieve most things. Anyone working in a stressful work environment should consider using these supplements because you need something to keep you in check while stressed.

Offers nootropic abilities

Nootropic improves cognitive functions in many ways. Its power is seen in improving memory, attention and maximizing learningintelligence. PQQ performs the same function as nootropic substances. It levels up blood flow to the cerebral cortex, a brain section that assists with memory, thinking, and attention.

Serves as anti-diabetes

Diabetes has many causes, and poor functioning of mitochondria is among the risk factors. Your lifestyle, such as physical fitness, food, stress levels, and sleep habits, impacts your mitochondria health. According to the researcher’s finding, taking PQQ will fix mitochondria issues and prevent diabetes. It’ll also make anindividual have a better insulin response.


PQQ will help you lower inflammation and its effects. This is achievable because of its power to reduce C-reactive protein and other harmful substances in the blood.

What is the negative impact of PQQ?

So far, there is not enough evidence of negative effects of using PQQ. For now, PQQ is considered safe without any bad impacts on the consumer. Until researchers claim otherwise, you can be sure using PQQ will not harm you. Still, seek a physician’s help to know if your body’s health condition allows you to use such supplements.

Who needs PQQ supplements?

Generally, PQQ is beneficial to everyone, and it’ll help you in many ways, such as protection against oxidative damage and heart illnesses, along with enhancing your brain function. Anyone who needs to boost energy and mood will alsoneed to use it. Special groups like children, breastfeeding and pregnant women, and diabetics should avoid it until it’s proven safe to use. Avoiding it will prevent the risks of unpleasant interactions from occurring.

What’s the right dose?

The suggested dosage of PQQ is 20 to 60 mg in a day. The intervals should beequally spread throughout the day if you’re consuming more than one capsule.

Does PQQ exist naturallyor lab-grown?

PQQ’s existence is from nature though it’s also grown synthetically. It’s found naturally in plants and foods. While you can found it in most foods, it’s higher in bananas, papaya, green peppers, soy, and kiwi. They contain more content than the levels found in legumes, vegetables, and fruits. You can purchase a synthetic form of PQQ, which is budget-friendly and more convenient than foods rich in this compound.

What are the best PQQ supplements?

Health thru nutrition naturally PQQ

This supplement delivers 20 mg of PQQ per vegetable capsule together with calcium. It contains littlefillers and binders, and it’s reliable if you need a pure and simple item.

Doctor’s Best

It’s one of the best out there. With each capsule containingvegetable cellulose, you’ll get 20mg of ppq, and there are no additional ingredients that’ll affect your health.

Life extension PQQ caps

This product is popular for its high quality and its zero content of added ingredients which may interfere with your biological activity. It’s an all-around product that you should look for.

Element nutraceuticals PQQ

It’s probably one of the purest forms of supplement in the market. It’s only created with some healthy rice flourand capsules made of gelatin.It’ll provide the needed amount of PQQ in your body and allow you to benefit from its abilities.

Mitogenisis super pqq liquid

Unlike other supplements that deliver PQQ in capsule form, mitogenesis does it in liquid form. There are no artificialingredients. PQQ is dissolved in water that is flavored with monk extracts and mango flavor. It’s easier to measure the dosage hence helps you have an accurate dose without overusing it or underusing.


You need PQQ in your diet. It’s difficult to take this vitamin naturally. So it’s important you supplement it in your diet. Having PQQ deficiency exposes you to growth and reproduction issues. PQQ helps in nervous system by boosting mitochondria levels and increasing energy. It’s also usefulin the cognitive sectionto promote a healthy brain and better-thinking abilities. Although you are allowed to combine PQQ with other supplements, it’s not necessary. You can still have great results from using it alone.


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