What's The Best Exercise to Prevent Blood Clots?

What’s The Best Exercise to Prevent Blood Clots?

There is no best exercise when it comes to the elimination of deep vein thrombosis(DVT). Exercises, including walking, arm stretching, hand and finger flicking, neck rotation, neck rotation, ankle rotation, forefoot and hind foot rising, and knee uplifting, have all proven effective for deep vein thrombosis.

How Often Should You Do This Exercise?

Since there is no best exercise to prevent blood clots, you can do any of the aforementioned movements 3-4 times a day.

How at Risk Is the Average Person of Getting a Blood Clot?

Pregnancy, too much sitting, surgeries and sleeping for longer periods are common among average people. These factors make them more susceptible to deep vein thrombosis.

What Other Things Can Prevent Blood Clots?

Moderate salt or sodium intake, take breaks at work and move away from your desk, wear loose clothing and take over-the-counter medications.

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