The anus is packed with sensitive nerve endings that make anal play pleasurable. Anal pleasure isn’t limited to those with a prostate. Men and women can enjoy butt play. However, before engaging in butt sex, anal training is necessary. Anal training can make any anal penetration more enjoyable. It also assists people to progress to larger anal gadgets and other butt play activities like gaping and fisting. People participate in anal stretching for different reasons. Some have huge anal desires, while others enjoy the stretching sensation. This article samples the best anus stretchers and what to consider when purchasing an anal toy.

What Are Anal Stretchers Used for?

An anal stretcher is a sex toy that progressively stretches the anus, allowing you to insert larger toys or shafts comfortably. These sex toys are ideal for novices who have never attempted anal play before but want to give it a try.

Anal Stretching Toys

Anal Dilator Kit

Anal Dilator Kits include five butt plugs ranging from micro to extra big. You can start with the tiny plug and work your way up as needed. The rounded head and sharp tip of these anal stretchers make penetration easier. It has a solid texture that stretches the anal muscles and retains the butt hole in place for a long time. In addition, the top of these exquisite anal stretchers has a little opening to relieve any pressure that may arise during insertion.

Anal Dilator Training Set

This dilator training set will gradually ease you into anal sex, regardless of whether you are new to anal sex or want to test out new sex toys. This kit includes 5 silicone protractors for an enjoyable anal play. For a pleasant insertion, each of the five dildos is tapered and has smooth edges. For your anal play sessions, it is recommended that you incorporate a water-based lubricant. 

Inflatable Penis Butt Plugs

This kit comes with an inflatable butt plug that resembles a veiny penis. These inflatable toys are phthalate-free because they are made using latex. They are ideal for individuals looking to increase their anal play gradually. It expands from 5 to 12 inches in circumference, depending on your comfort level. It also includes a realistic tip and a veiny shaft for a realistic look and feel. To use the inflatable butt plugs, lubricate the stretcher and your anus with a water-based lubricant, insert the rounded tip and squeeze the pump until the desired size is reached.

Flexible Anal Stretchers

Flexible anal stretchers are available in black or transparent, and they help you take your anal play to the next level. They have a supple and flexible shape for naughty folks looking to satisfy their darkest desires. These anal stretchers have an integrated tunnel that you may use in various ways. You can use the tunnel to oil your ass, insert fingers, or even use your vibrator if the tunnel is large enough. These anal stretchers are composed of flexible rubber worn as a butt plug or used during anal play. The flared base prevents the toy from getting stuck in the anus. The clear rubber material provides fantastic images for your companion when you’re using it.

What To Consider When Buying Anal Toys


Start with the smallest size and progressively work your way up. Resist the impulse to go bigger since you’ll end up ripping yourself. Also, avoid an anal stretcher that doesn’t have a flared base since it could get stuck in the anus.


Not all materials are suitable for anal play. Go for anal dilators free of BPA and phthalates. Choose body-safe materials like medical-grade silicone. Silicone is relatively softer than other materials and a good option if you’re new to anal play.


Butt plugs are made to stay in place, and the added weight aids in this. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about it popping out of your butt cheeks if you bend down.

The Bottom Line

During anal play, most people struggle with adequate sphincter relaxation. The purpose of anal stretching is to help the muscles to relax and ease up when needed. It’s crucial to relax the sphincter muscles, especially if you engage in anal sex. Anal training and sticking to a dilation routine are crucial in preventing anal fissures. If you’re unable to relax fully, you’re more likely to develop tears and fissures, which can cause pain and necessitate surgery. Anal stretching requires patience and work, but with the anal stretching toys listed above, you will be prepared for highly pleasurable anal sensations.

Monika Wasserman

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