Why Are LGBTQIA+ People (Especially Youth) At an Increased Risk for Suicide

Why Are LGBTQIA+ People (Especially Youth) At an Increased Risk for Suicide?

From the LGBTQIA expert’s point of view, most LGBTQIA people or people with ‘non-conventional’ sexual identities, especially the youth, are exposed to social stigmatization and experience difficulty accepting themselves, increasing the risks of suicide behaviors.

What Can Those People Do to Cope with Suicidal Ideation?

They should seek social support. Higher levels of social support, whether from family or trusted friends, lower the risk of suicide attempts. Another good option Is taking advantage of extra curriculum activities and clubs in school. Full participation in the two reduces the symptoms of depression, improving mental well-being.

How Can LGBTQIA+ People Support Others in The Community Who Are Struggling?

  • Condemn transphobia, homophobia, discrimination, and anti-LGBTQIA harassment
  • Discuss issues surrounding LGBTQIA with them
  • Publicly wear or display LGBTQIA-related stuff, including buttons, posters, or stickers

Anything Else You’d Like to Add?

While LGBTQIA people, especially the youth, are more susceptible to self-destructive behaviors, I am happy to announce most LGBTQIA teens have no suicidal ideation. I urge parents and teachers to create an environment that makes these young people happy and encourages them to thrive.

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