Why Are People Worried About Retirement Before They Retire

Why Are People Worried About Retirement Before They Retire?

The fear of retirement stems from uncertainty. Simply put, many people do not know if their financial situation will be stable after retirement.

What Can They Do to Alleviate This Anxiety?

Adults over 30 should start saving for retirement through cash savings and the stock market, real estate, or cryptocurrency investment.

Why Do People Often Feel Happier Once They Retire?

The happiness of a retiree heavily depends on retirement satisfaction. The higher the retirement satisfaction, the happier the retiree feels. Higher retirement satisfaction stems from stable economic well-being, voluntary retirement, and access to health insurance.

What Should Retirees Worry About and Why Don’t They Worry About It?

Retirees should worry about accumulating too much debt. Americans aged 65 or above think Medicare covers long-term care costs. Since this is far from reality, those without supplemental health plans find themselves in debt to pay for health expenses.

Why Does Knowing One’s Goal or Purpose Make One More Confident and Less Anxious About the Future?

Knowing your goal or purpose keeps you excited and focused. This redefines your identity, making you more confident and less anxious about life after retiring.

What’s The Best Way to Determine One’s Goal or Purpose?

  • Be around people interested in making positive change
  • Help others
  • Interact with new people
  • Discover your interests, passion, or hobbies

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