Why Are Rabbit Vibrators So Good?

Why Are Rabbit Vibrators So Good?

bunny vibrator sex toy operates by vibrating. There are a variety of rabbit vibrators with different levels of vibrations. Rabbit vibrators stimulate erogenous zones, especially the nipples, vulva, and clitoris, resulting in fast orgasms and multiple sensations.

The name Rabbit is derived from the fact that this sex toy resembles a pair of rabbit ears. Most rabbit vibrators are made in the shape of a phallic shaft for stimulating the vagina. Their popularity was boosted in the United States of America during an episode on HBO Sex and The City featuring Vibratex’s rabbit vibrator. This blog will highlight why you should try the self-pleasure rechargeable rabbit vibrator.

Reasons Why Rabbit Vibrators are Awesome

Experience Multiple Orgasms Over a Short Time

Bunny vibrator sex toys will make you orgasm fast even if you experience tough times trying to orgasm. According to a survey, about 32% of women above 40 years masturbate to minimize stress. On the other hand, about 8% of these women claimed that masturbation helps them have peaceful nights. Most ladies need to climax to adjust their health and well-being.

Ladies looking for quick climaxes and relief with a guaranteed orgasm should go for rabbit vibrators, which are ideal even for beginners. They come in various features and sizes.

They are Versatile

Rabbit vibrators are available in various sizes, colors, and shapes. They are crafted carefully using modern technology for simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation, leading to more intense orgasms. Furthermore, most rabbit vibrators have independent modes of vibration control for external and internal stimulation. Therefore, consider rabbit vibrators for extreme pleasure and fun.

Rotating rabbit vibrators have pearls or beads that revolve around the shaft while penetrating the vagina. Additionally, thrusting rabbit vibrators mimics actual vaginal sexual intercourse with a partner. It does this by thrusting in and out just like the human penis when inserted. For ladies who do not want to limit their pleasures in the bedroom, rabbit vibrators are perfect since they are easily portable and waterproof. However, caution should be exercised in the bathroom because the tiles and lube give rise to a smooth and slippery combination.

Longer Climaxing

Research shows that 17% of people who use rabbit vibrators to stimulate their G-spot have orgasms for a long period. Moreover, this study shows that ladies using happy rabbit vibrators are the most playful. The rabbit vibrators can be used on any part of the body. Additionally, rabbit vibrators are quiet, simple, and easy to use, making them stand out among other sex toys.                 

Experience a Blended Orgasm

The bunny vibrator sex toys’ shaft and ears help one achieve a blended orgasm, even for beginners. A blended orgasm is where the lady experiences clitoral and G-spot orgasms simultaneously. Rabbit vibrators are ideal when you need to achieve this type of super-enjoyable orgasm. They are designed to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot. You can opt for a rabbit vibrator with three stimulators that simultaneously induce three different types of arousal. Rabbit vibrators with triple stimulators have additional anal beads.

They are Easy to Use

Like most sex toys, rabbit vibrators are versatile. Start by running the vibrator in your inner thighs and proceeding to clitoral stimulation to use them. This is done by sliding the vibrator’s shaft inside your vagina. Most people employ lubricants to increase pleasure. In this case, water-based lube is the most compatible with most sex toys.

The Bottom Line

Rabbit vibrators are unique, small, but powerful in enhancing orgasmic sensations. You can use rabbit vibrators alone or with a partner. However, most people find that giving orgasms to their partners using sex toys is more exciting. Those who prefer privacy can consider rabbit vibrators as they are super discrete, giving you ample time. Although the rabbit vibrator might be quiet, you might be unable to maintain silence. The vibrator is a good device as long as you know how to use it and is not complicated like other sex toys.

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