Why Dinner Should Be At 5pm And Smaller Than Breakfast

Why Dinner Should Be At 5pm And Smaller Than Breakfast

Helps You Lose or Maintain Healthy Weight

Taking your dinner early and making it smaller than your breakfast allows you to keep your calorie consumption in check. Believe me, this can keep you on the right track if you are trying to lose or maintain weight.

Prevents Digestive Problems

When you wrap your dinner early and make it smaller than your breakfast, you are less likely to hit the pillow with undigested food in your system. Due to this, you might not experience digestive problems, including acid reflux, gas and bloating.

Reduces The Risk of Heart Attacks and Stroke

One problem with eating late and large portions is that it floods your system with calories. The body does not delete most of these calories at night. As a result, they turn into triglycerides that make you more susceptible to heart attack and stroke.

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