Why Do So Many Men Dislike Women Who Like Astrology

Why Do So Many Men Dislike Women Who Like Astrology?

In terms of demographic, women and queer folks like astrology more than straight men do. This explains why most Astrology advertisements on magazines, stationery merchandise, and clothing target the femme population. As an expert in gender politics, I can say this is the feminization of astrology, which does not sit well with most straight men. To them, astrology is “too girly” or immature, explaining why they disagree or deny its validity. This creates a negative perception of astrology and people who like it. To most men, the interest of women who like astrology feels invalid and insignificant, encouraging the dislike.

Is It Rooted in Misogyny?

The most straightforward answer is maybe. Not all men who do not take astrology seriously are sexist. For some, the refusal is linked to toxic masculinity, which does not allow men to enjoy the same things as women.

Anastasia Filipenko

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