Why Do You Still Get Nervous Seeing the People You Went to High School With

Why Do You Still Get Nervous Seeing the People You Went to High School With, Even When You’re a Senior in College?

If a person has had a negative impact on your life that can leave a scar. Not a physical one but an emotional one. Seeing a person that has caused you pain in the past can stir up suppressed emotions. Unfortunately, our brains don’t know the difference between a thought and reality. This means when you see that person again and have a negative thought even if it’s related to a past event your brain makes it real in the here and now. You will feel all of those old emotions and feelings again as if they have done the same thing to your right now.

What Tips Do You Have for Running into Your High School Bullies at Your Hometown Bar?

Becoming aware of your thoughts is a good step in the right direction. Don’t let past memories or feelings effect your present. It is in the past and can be left there. Depending on whether the person in question approaches you or not will depend on your next move. If they don’t acknowledge you or ignore you then just carry on with what you were doing.

If they do make contact just remain calm. Remember high school is a different world and you’re an adult now. The person could have changed, grown up and see the error of their ways or they could still be a horrible person. Either way they can only affect you if you let them. If they are looking for trouble simply walk away. You are better than that.

If they want to apologize to you then I’d recommend hearing them out. It could give you both the closure you need.There was a quote I read recently that I feel relates to this situation very well. It read “No one makes you angry. You decided to use anger as a response”. Meaning you are the one that controls how you react to any situation that is thrown at you. You have the power not the other person so doesn’t give it away by losing your head. Remain calm and in control by keeping your emotions in check. Remember a person can only affect you with their words and actions if you let them.

How To Know If a Person Is Cheating During the First Years of Marriage

One of the most common signs that your partner may be cheating is sudden changes in behavior. They may start spending more time on their appearance, change the way they dress, constantly have their phone on them or start a new hobby. It’s important to note that just because someone changes their behavior doesn’t automatically mean they are cheating. People do change over time and develop new hobbies and habits but it can be a red flag if it happens all at once.

If your partner becomes secretive about where they have been and who they were with that is another red flag. When they are telling you about their day there may be gaps of time in their story.

A change in your sex life can be another indication of cheating. Most couples sex lives go through phases where sometimes they may have a lot of sex and other times not so much. That doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is cheating but combined with the other points I’ve mentioned it can be a red flag. If your partner suddenly becomes very protective of their phone that can be a sign of cheating. They may have changed their password or constantly have their phone on them and never put it down. If you feel they might be cheating, ask to see something on their phone and if they refuse that is a cause for concern.

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