Why/How Is Snooping on Your Partner's Phone/Other Devices Harmful to Your Relationship

Why/How Is Snooping on Your Partner’s Phone/Other Devices Harmful to Your Relationship?

As a dating coach, I discovered that snooping on your partner’s phone makes them deem you untrustworthy. This can do tremendous damage to your romantic relationship.

Should You Always Come Clean to Your Partner About Snooping?

Although most people think snooping is harmless, if you come to think of it, it’s invading someone’s private space. Always come clean after snooping on your partner’s phone and clearly state what led you into it. Your partner may forgive you or deem you untrustworthy.

What If You Didn’t Find Anything and Don’t Plan on Ever Doing It Again?

If you didn’t find anything and don’t plan to snoop again in the future, do not let the cat out of the bag.

Please List and Describe Other Steps You Should Take After Snooping to Try and Help Rebuild the Trust and Sense of Boundaries in Your Relationship.

Be Responsible for Your Actions

When you become responsible for your action, you send a strong message to your partner, telling them that your relationship is important and are ready and willing to fight for it. This will surely rebuild the trust. To show that they are serious about their role in the relationship, your partner should also come clean. Admitting they have been lying to you or keeping secrets and reassuring you not to repeat it positively impacts your partnership.


Apologizing[N1]  means you own your mistake. Avoid statements simple statements like “I am sorry”. Instead, let them know you deeply regret snooping on their phone or other devices.

What If You Were the One Who Was Snooped on By Your Partner?

 Ask them why they are snooping. This will lead to productive conversations about healthy boundaries, expectations, and insecurities.

What Can You Do in The Interest of Rebuilding Your Trust?

Of course, if you catch your partner snooping, your trust may significantly fall. To rebuild it, open the communication channels. This allows you to discuss the fears or suspicions they might be having freely.

If Your Relationship Is Really Suffering After a Snooping Incident and You Can’t Seem to Fix It Yourselves, What Should You Do?

Seek professional help. In this case, a couples therapist or counselor will do.

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