Why Men In Hong Kong Shouldn't Cheat

Why Men In Hong Kong Shouldn’t Cheat

Hong Kong is the sexy swinger’s ideal international destination. The city doesn’t sleep: there are sex shops aplenty, girlie bars and live shows. There are dating sites for one-night hook-ups and unusual offers like “nude yoga”. There’s even a thriving and active gay and lesbian community.

Married men would do better than to take these offers up, though. Despite the temptations, there are plenty of reasons for men to avoid making a cuckold of their loving (or otherwise) wife. Here are three reasons why men in Hong Kong shouldn’t cheat:

It’s okay to get angry

Here’s a crazy fact for you: in Hong Kong, it was legal for a woman to kill her cheating husband with her bare hands (and only her hands). It’s pretty well-circulated online that it still is legal to kill him, but I wouldn’t try that defence in a court of law.

The threat of imminent death – not only for you, but for your mistress as well, as it was legal to kill the mistress in any manner you like – was enough to put most men off adultery for life.

If you can’t get mad, get even

In 2000, The Telegraph reported that men were headed off the mainland in their thousands every weekend. The lusty businessmen weren’t heading off for golf weekends with the guys or business meetings: they were escaping the city for a sexy weekend with their concubines. The cheaters were taking up second residences with their mistresses in concubine villages outside of the city for the cost of a mere few hundred pounds. It’s no surprise then that a new law was passed that allowed the cheated wife to sue the mistress for compensation.

Labour camp isn’t pretty

The men living with their concubines outside of the mainland might be living the highlife, but that’s short-lived: any man found living with a woman who is not his legal wife can be sentenced to up to two years in a labour camp. If found guilty, the man also has to give up half of any property he purchased for his mistress – even if it is in her name.

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