Why Some People Picture a Family Member (By Accident) When Having Sex

Why Some People Picture a Family Member (By Accident) When Having Sex

 As a registered physiologist, I have often been asked, is it possible to picture a family member, especially your mother when having sex? It sounds weird, but the most straightforward answer is yes, it happens, especially when you want to marry the person you are having sex with. When you get into it with your wife-to-be, you imagine having children with them. Your parents’ picture also sets in because you think they will make a one-in-a-million mother or turn toxic. Simply put, it depends on the mother figure you had.

Is It an Anxiety Thing?

From the explanation above, it is safe to say seeing a picture of a family member, especially your mother is not an anxiety thing. For this reason, don’t question your psychological well-being if it happens.

Ieva Kubiliute

Ieva Kubiliute is a psychologist and a sex and relationships advisor and a freelance writer. She's also a consultant to several health and wellness brands. While Ieva specialises in covering wellness topics ranging from fitness and nutrition, to mental wellbeing, sex and relationships and health conditions, she has written across a diverse range of lifestyle topics, including beauty and travel. Career highlights so far include: luxury spa-hopping in Spain and joining an £18k-a-year London gym. Someone’s got to do it! When she’s not typing away at her desk—or interviewing experts and case studies, Ieva winds down with yoga, a good movie and great skincare (affordable of course, there’s little she doesn’t know about budget beauty). Things that bring her endless joy: digital detoxes, oat milk lattes and long country walks (and sometimes jogs).

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