Why Someone Might Use a Spanking Paddle

Why Someone Might Use a Spanking Paddle

Spanking paddles can make a great addition to your sex toy repertoire.  They can be particular great when paired with anal beads,butt plugs, nipple clamps or clitoral clamps. Spanking paddles are a high sensation sex toy and not everyone will be into them although you will never really know until you try it. How hard you use the paddle is down to personal preference but you do need to keep them flat when they come into contact with the skin to avoid hurting your partner. Spanking paddles are designed to give a mixture of pain and pleasure all in one. 

You can get spanking paddles made from a variety of different materials including glass, leather and wood. Some spankers come with feathers attached to allow for extra stimulation.Spanking paddles can be a great gateway sex toy into the world of bondage and BDSM. Bondage and BDSM play helps to cement trust between couples and respect for each other’s bodies and sexual needs. Always set out your ground rules before engaging in spanking play. Have a safe word which you can use if it gets too much for you. Always respect each other’s limits. 

Spanking should be tolerable and feel good it should never be brutal or cause serious pain or injury. Always clean your spanker after use to keep them in their best condition. Leather spanking paddles can create a loud cracking sound upon impact which can add to the pleasure. If you’re new to paddles then I’d recommend starting with a double-sided spanker. One side should be fur covered for a softer spank and the other side is leather for a firmer spank. Start with the softer side and work up to the leather side.

My Recommendations

10.25-Inch Enchanted Red Heart Paddle for Bondage Play

If you’d prefer something more hardcore then I’d recommend the Ouch Paddle. The diamond design means the paddle has more texture which creates more sensation when it comes into contact with your body.https://peachesandscreams.co.uk/collections/spanking-paddles/products/ouch-black-luxury-bondage-spanking-paddle

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