Vaping is one of the most recommended ways of consuming marijuana and nicotine products. It is the inhaling of vapor created from electronic cigarettes. Scientists have determined that it is a better way of consuming such products due to health reasons.

Ingestion is the consumption of marijuana and nicotine or other smoke products via active smoking or oral ingestion. A great example is people who use cigars. The product is highly addictive and also contains other products that can be harmful to health.  Statistics show that many people who smoke nicotine die from lung cancer and other seasonal lung diseases. Vaping reduces the numbers by half because the consumption of electronic nicotine ensures purity as one product is administered in the lungs.

Vaping and Living a Healthy “Smoky” life?

Well, this question seems devoid of reality. Doctors all over the world have reported deaths caused by vaping only. Vaping acts as a filtration model that only allows what is required to access the body. Vaping nicotine is another liability all together since it is a highly addictive substance. Alongside being addictive, it kills many cells in the lungs responsible for maintaining good health in the body.

Slow brain development is a deadly effect of smoking because nicotine destroys brain cells over time. If you can observe nicotine users, you will note that most of them are slow learners and may even suffer from asthma attacks. When it comes to nicotine, the strength of the body and brain doesn’t matter because the cigarette extracted substance is harmful to your cells.

Adults who frequently use nicotine are prone to suffer other forms of addiction like alcohol and hard drugs use. Such results are highly influenced by the failure of cells to accommodate high-level substances indulged by the body.  Usage of e-cigarettes is not guaranteed to cease using tobacco, but it only improves your chances of indulging in serial tobacco usage. Using the vaping process to imbibe THC oil and other harmful products will only improve your chances of contracting cancer and other harmful conditions for your health.

Vaping CBD: How it Works

You may be more familiar with vaping than you know. Sometimes you may see flash drives and think they are innocent flash disks for the computers. You do not know that teenagers have found creative ways of storing nicotine and smoking it at home and in school in ways that are hard to notice. The Juul is a form of e-cigarette that looks like a flash drive that stores nicotine. A great advantage to smokers is it doesn’t produce smoke, but it can be highly addictive due to its consistency of use.

There is no difference to normal cigarettes because the nicotine package is full as usual. Addiction depends on how you vape and your consistency in vaping. Vaping daily cannot cause addiction, but the culminate time spent vaping plays a major role in addiction.

Ingestion of raw nicotine can cause damage to the teeth and gums. Ingestion means no filtration, therefore, more exposure to damage. Some people fool themselves that using vapes with no nicotine cannot damage health, the truth is most vapes have nicotine, and if not, they contain very harmful substances.

Smoking and Vaping: What is Better?

Smoking will affect cardiovascular functions as well as muscle and nerve functions. Abstracts have tried to prove the use of vapes to induce cessation of smoking. Such theories have some basis but not enough to ground that vaping is healthier. All that happens is damage control and a classy way of maintaining the nicotine flow.

However, have you considered long-term respiratory failure before embarking on vapes? You may find facts uneasy, but truth be told that you will suffer if you don’t cease the smoking spree in the end. Statistics have it that smoking kills seven million people annually around the world. These people progressively became addicted to nicotine over the years, and when the lungs could not have it anymore, they snapped out of life. 

Such deaths even occur though labels are all over smoke packets that smoking kills, and yet it is not enough warning since 7.2 million people are smokers in the UK as per a survey conducted in 2016. The fancy word for starter smokers is that there is a cognitive benefit in using smoke only to lead to tobacco dependency later in life.

Vaping is no therapy for smoking effects since it contains substances that aggravate addiction and respiratory issues. However, concerns have been raised over the contribution of vaping towards smoking disorders in the youth, especially teenagers.  Vaping during pregnancy is not a better option if you think so. The substances in the vape will affect fetal development by inhabiting the young brain cells, causing future deformation of a child’s life.

Oxidative stress can be a fatal condition after vaping. The term describes the difficulty of the lungs in accommodating oxygen in the lungs. Such conditions can lead to suffocation and pre-mature death if there is any underlying respiratory condition.  International respiratory societies released a forum against electronic respiratory devices, questioning their ability to house protective measures against chronic illnesses affecting the lungs.

Cessation Process

Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, and inventor invented heating nicotine instead of burning it to reduce addiction proneness. The fancy name has already been aforementioned as E-cigarettes. However, no record statistics show the number of people who have ceased smoking courtesy of E-cigarettes. Quitting smoking depends on one’s will and the effort one puts into it. Visiting rehabilitation facilities can be a head start but consistency to stay clean depends on you. Sometimes, therapy can help, and it will be a good thing if you begin with attending sessions that will further advance into positive progress.  The institute of respiratory disorders has come up with better ways of dealing with smoking problems that can be unearthed by the desire to reform smoking. Quitting smoking begins with you and then others.  Societal norms complain a lot because of the current smoke process that affects others passively. Vaping has at least helped in maintaining healthy societal smoking habits.

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