Why We Love Jelly Butt Plugs (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love Jelly Butt Plugs (And You Should Too!)

A butt plug is a toy used during sexual activities by inserting it into the butt hole. They resemble dildos and are only bent in a certain shape to prevent them from completely disappearing in the butt hole. Its end is flared to prevent it from reaching the sigmoid colon. Butt plugs are usually shorter than dildos since the rectum may be easily perforated. They are available in several colors, sizes, and shapes. Some butt plugs look like a human penis, and others are wavy or ribbed. A jelly butt plug is made from a soft and flexible jelly. It is common mainly because of its flexibility which allows vigorous penetrations. In this article, you will learn more benefits of jelly anal plugs and why you should get one.

Reasons Why You Should Try Soft Jelly Anal Plugs

The butt hole area consists of numerous pleasurable nerves. Jelly anal plugs are amongst the common sex toys used for anal play. They are ideal for advanced users and beginners. Before buying soft jelly butt plugs, consider the following tips:

The Size of the Jelly But Plug

As a beginner, go for a smaller jelly butt plug than a larger one. After continuously enjoying the small butt plug until there is no increase in sensation, try the next size. Probably a larger one. However, large butt plugs will not give you pleasurable sensations compared to smaller ones.

Where Would You Like To Wear The Butt Plug?

The place where you enjoy the butt plug contributes largely to the type of butt plug you buy. You will need a butt plug that lasts longer when worn. Some designs of butt plugs, especially the non-curved and slender ones, may easily slip out. A jelly butt plug helps your butt plug stay in the butt hole for long. Always read some customers’ reviews about the jelly butt plug you intend to purchase. Some of the jelly butt plugs will stay longer than the others.

Will You Share Your Jelly Butt Plug?

If it can be avoided, jelly butt plugs aren’t supposed to be shared. You are advised to have a different butt plug from your partner because it is safer. However, not all people will follow this advice. When sharing butt plugs, you must thoroughly clean them before inserting them into another butt hole. When cleaning, you should know if your butt plug is porous or non-porous. Butt plugs that are porous consist of tiny holes. Your butt hole might contain bacteria that may reside in the tiny holes. If not washed, the bacteria might spread from you to another user. It might not be safe to scrub it, therefore, ensure you disinfect it thoroughly. Alternatively, use condoms when sharing the jelly butt plug.

What Are The Risks Of Using Butt Plugs?

Jelly butt plugs are naturally safe as long as you use them correctly. Sharing your jelly butt plug may lead to the spread of bacterial infections. For more protection, you can cover your butt plug using a condom. There are a lot of bacteria when playing anally. While plugging, these bacteria may invade your toy. Hence when another person uses it, they are likely to get infected. Blood-bone bacteria might also be transmitted in case of a rough anal plugging to the extent of tearing the rectum walls.

Safety While Using Butt Plugs

Proper Handling

Cleaning and disinfecting any sex toy after use is essential. This is because even a clean butt hole will have tiny fecal material. The fecal matter might contain infectious bacteria, which can lead to infections. This risk is minimized by proper handling of your jelly butt plug

Your Body’s Health

If you are suffering from prostate conditions, anal cracks, or hemorrhoids, avoid using a jelly butt plug. Wait until your conditions are taken care of to resume.

Used A Lot Of Lube Oils

The butt hole originally was not created for sexual purposes. Therefore, it will not self-lubricate like the vaginal hole. This leads to pain when penetrating the butt hole without thorough lubrication. The pain may be because of tearing the rectum walls because of friction between the butt plug and the anal walls. Hence it is always advisable to lubricate your butt hole with a lot of lube before penetration.

Some Of The Benefits Of Using Jelly Butt Plugs

Acts As A Warm-Up For Before Anal Sex

Before trying anal sex, butt plugs offer great foreplay that arouses you in preparation for the actual penetration.

Used For Solo Playtime

Some people love the pleasurable feeling of wearing butt plugs for an elongated period. This ensures that you have a more pleasurable solo play to satisfy your sexual desires.

Acts As A Bond During Partner Play

Anal play always feels intimate. This is because anal play needs mutual communication and vulnerability. When a butt plug is included, you need to communicate how to enjoy the toy safely. You also need to trust your partner before allowing them to use the plug on you. This strengthens the bond between lovers.

The Bottom Line

Jelly butt plugs can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of gender, orientation, or genitalia. The numerous nerves in the butt hole make anal sex enjoyable. Butt plugs can be worn in public, used for submissive play, or engaging in solo action. Butt plugs also help you stretch your butt hole. This makes you be prepared for huge penetrations, such as the penis or dildos. Jelly butt plugs are soft and flexible, enhancing pleasure from the play even more.

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