Why We Love Vibrating Butt Plugs (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love Vibrating Butt Plugs (And You Should Too!)

A vibrating butt plug is a sex toy used for butt hole penetration. The butt hole consists of nerve endings that give intense pleasure when touched or stimulated. Other than penetrating the butt hole, it vibrates your inner butt hole muscles, thereby inducing high-level intensity. A typical butt plug has its end tempered for easier entry. It also has a big bulbous head for sphincter and rest. Additionally, its neck is skinny, while its base is flared for easy removal. The function of the flared base is for retrieval of the butt plug’s base.

Reasons For Using Butt Plugs

Acts as a Strong Bond to You and Your Partner During Sexual Play

Using vibrating butt plugs connects you and your partner strongly. This will be a new experience even if you are used to having various sexual experiences. Vibrating butt plugs may heat and spice things up between you and your partner as their usage depends on communication and vulnerability between partners. You can experience the sensations brought by the vibrating butt plug by slowly and carefully inserting it inside your partner’s butt hole or alone during solo play. You can frequently check with your partner to see to what extent they are satisfied with it.

For more explosions, you may use your fingers, tongue, or the vibrating butt plug to explore your partners’ butt hole. For the two of you to relax more, you can decide to penetrate your partner while they bend over. This will bring you the best feeling from the vibrating butt plug.

Vibrating Butt Plugs are Best During Solo Playtime

Because the vibrating butt plug is used during sexual activities, you can use it for solo play. Some folks love the feeling of wearing the vibrating butt plugs for elongated periods. Others love using the vibrating butt plugs during BDSM play. In this style, the solo player inserts the vibrating butt plugs in the butt hole and leaves it there for some time. You should always use safe words when doing it with your partner and not strain yourself if you are uncomfortable.

Solo play using the vibrating butt plugs prepares your butt hole, especially for those who love butt play with their partners. Additionally, it aids in teaching you what doesn’t and what makes you feel good when exploring the butt hole. A better butt hole play is better when you prepare your partner. Butt hole play preparation always begins with the mentality. If you had an unpleasant experience previously, your body would be stiff to the mention of butt hole sex play; hence you will need the vibrating butt plug to ease things up.

Vibrating Butt Plugs Increase the Vaginal Pleasure During Sexual Play

For vulva owners, vibrating butt plugs alter the vagina’s width. This makes it easier for some individuals to be too sensational for simulations and penetration. Using different sizes of vibrating butt plugs will enable you to experience a variety of sensations. The intensity of pleasure during sexual play may result from the butt hole penetration with a vibrating butt plug at the same time the vagina is penetrated.

Vibrating Butt Plugs Are Inclusive

You can use a vibrating butt plug as long as you have a butt hole. Vibrating butt plugs allow you to experience what might turn you on when it comes to rear play. However, since using tongues and fingers during butt hole play only feels intimate, using the vibrating butt plugs brings sensations that do not influence gender or sexual orientation. Medically, it is advisable to clean your vibrating butt plug after and before use if you are sharing it with your partner. This is to avoid the risk of being infected. You can use a condom for more safety.

Using Vibrating Butt Plugs Leads to Orgasms

A person who enjoys more than one form of orgasms is fond of trying new experiences. This comes from the stimulation of the different erogenous parts of the body. The butt hole contains numerous nerve endings that are likely to experience deep orgasm when stimulated. According to research, most ladies experience multiple orgasms from anal penetration, if not the vaginal.

Vibrating Butt Plugs Enables the User to Experience a Variety of Sensations

There are different sensations that nobody knows about until they try them out. Considering a variety of sensations that arise from stimulating the sensitive nerve endings, anal play will offer you the feeling you might have been longing for.

Due to numerous nerve endings in the butt hole, vibrating butt plugs will enable you to reach a new height from experiencing different sensations. This is because they will provide a variety of node stimulation hence allowing the butt hole muscles to relax for maximized pleasure.

The Bottom Line

The vibrating butt plug will always do what you need them to do. You will find some people using the vibrating butt plug to prepare anal play since it requires more preparation to reduce tension and friction of the butt hole muscles. It will be pleasurable when anal play is done in the right style and manner. Although it took a long time to experience the anal play, the vibrating butt plug covers it. This is due to its magical effects, as discussed above. Anyone can enjoy anal sex play using the vibrating sex plug.

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