Why You Might Need a Sex Toy Cleaner

Why You Might Need a Sex Toy Cleaner


You need to clean your sex toys after use every time in order to keep them free from bacteria and dirt. Different sex toys require different cleaners depending on what they are made from. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process each time and can be done fairly quickly.

Most sex toy materials can generally be split into two different categories. They are either made from porous or non-porous material. Common porous materials include thermoplastic rubber, jelly rubber, latex, elastomer and PVC.

Non-porous materials include silicone, glass and metals such as steel and gold. Sex toys that are made from non-porous materials don’t have the little holes in them that porous materials have. This means they are less likely to trap bacteria and other microorganisms inside them. Personally, I would avoid porous sex toys for this very reason. Medical grade sex toys are normally the best quality and safest to use.

Regardless of the material your sex toy is made from you should always clean them after use.If your toy is made a porous material such as latex or elastomer then those toys will be more sensitive to extreme heat so make sure the water you use to clean them in luke warm water not boiling hot. 

If your toy is made from a non-porous material such as glass, silicone, wood or stainless steel you can wash it with a mild antibacterial soap and cloth, the same sort that you’d use on your body. Opt for a perfume free one.

To deep clean a non-porous sex toy that doesn’t have a motor and is waterproof put the toy in boiling water for 10 minutes or put it in the dishwasher. Porous sex toys such as thermoplastic elastomer, jelly rubber and elastomer can also be washed with a mild soap and water but they may still harbor bacteria even after washing.If you want to buy a sex toy cleaner look for organic, and anti-bacterial cleaners. You can get them in soaps, sprays, foams and wipes.

Here are some of my favorites

Toyjoy Organic Sex Toy Cleaner


4-in-1 Pure and Clean Sex Toy Cleaner


Advanced Smart Cleaner Foaming Sex Toy Sanitizer

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