Why You Should Buy Remote Control Butt Plugs

Why You Should Buy Remote Control Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are the most popular toys when it comes to anal sex toys. There are various reasons as to why this is so. There are so many options when it comes to choosing a butt plug that sometimes getting the right one takes up so much time. In your research, you have undoubtedly come across the remote control butt plug. The remote control butt plug combines the functionality of a normal butt plug with the intense sensations that are generated by the remote control motor.

Remote control butt plugs look very interesting and if you have the mind to try them out here are a few reasons why you should;

Why You Should Buy Remote Control Butt Plugs

Remote Control Butt Plugs Offer Hands Free Stimulation

The best feature of the remote control butt plug is it hands free option. Once the plug has been inserted into the anal cavity, the next step is to turn on the controller. The controller drives a powerful motor contained in the toy. The remote control feature is different from toy to toy, starting from the distance range to the number of functions. Some controllers are compatible with mobile apps, increasing the number of features that drive the butt plug.

The motor is responsible for the vibrations that will have your anal cavity in orgasmic bliss as the sensitive nerve endings are activated endlessly. The controllers vary in functionality as there are features that are not the same. Some plugs have multispeed controllers while some have a single speed controller. Others have a pulsation pattern instead of the normal vibration, while some have both vibrational and pulsation capabilities to deliver superior sensations. Always ensure that you check the controller capability before play to ensure that you get a plug that will get your needs met while also giving you room for exploration. It is also worth checking if the controller is compatible with any apps as this will increase the number of functions the controller is capable of delivering.

Why You Should Buy Remote Control Butt Plugs

Remote Control Butt Plugs Material

Remote control butt plugs are usually made from the flexible high quality silicone material. Although there are rubber remote control butt plugs, the silicone option is always readily available. This makes the remote control butt plug a flexible toy, convenient for use by both beginners and those with a bit of anal stimulation experience.

Remote Control Butt Plug Sizes

From small butt plugs to large ones, the choice is dependent on the experience level as well as the purpose of the butt plugs you are obtaining. The remote control butt plug comes in various sizes, ensuring that you get the size that fits your needs and moods. The small butt plugs are great for beginners, ensuring that they get an easy introductory experience that encourages them to keep at it. The medium and large butt plugs should be left to those with a bit more experience and anal stretching capability.

Why You Should Buy Remote Control Butt Plugs

Remote Control Butt Plugs Surface Texture

Remote control butt plugs have different surface textures and designs. While some plugs have a smooth and slick surface, others have a textured. Each different design delivers a different sensation, making the butt plugs great for collecting. This ensures that every plug you get delivers a different sensation and you get to experiment with each and every one to find one that rises to the top of your preference list. Some plugs also go the extra mile and have the surface lined with beads or ticklers to ensure that the anal cavity gets a thorough and satisfying massage for an explosively orgasmic experience.

Why You Should Buy Remote Control Butt Plugs
Easy Insertion

The remote control butt plug is designed to ensure that the anal play session starts off as smoothly as possible. Most of the designs feature a tapered tip, a smooth design that is aimed at teasing the sphincter muscles open for an easy insertion session. The tapered tip stretches out the sphincter muscles slowly but surely, making way for the rest of the toy to go through one inch at a time until the toy is fully inserted.

Easy Removal

Once the butt plug is fully inserted into the rectum, the strokes have to be guided in some way. With the remote control butt plug, the base design is intended to be used to direct the strokes as you or your partner like them. Once you are done, just pull the ergonomically designed handle/base to remove the butt plug slowly but surely.

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